Gadgets to Help You Relax at Home

Gadgets to Help You Relax at Home

To put it bluntly, life is full sometimes full of unnecessary stress and triggers that we allow to take over our physical and mental well-being. We have all been taught that stress is extremely harmful to our health, and chronic stress can lead to debilitating side effects, such as migraines, anxiety, digestive issues and insomnia. In the wake of a pandemic, life has become even more stressful as we navigate our way through unprecedented times- that has seen millions across the globe lose loved ones, be made redundant and experience a hardship that to say the least, is unpleasant. People have turned to many different theories and approaches in order to de-stress, and in modern times- using technology is no exception. Here at We Buy Any Home have compiled the best gadgets that will help you de-stress.

Gadgets to Help You Relax at Home

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser:

Essential oils are a simple and effective way to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Often used in aromatherapy, essential oils are an alternative form of medicine, that capture a plants scent, or ‘essence’. From this, the oils are obtained through distillation, such as cold pressing- and are then combined with carrier oil to create a product that is ready to be used.  Each oil has different properties to help you relax. For example, lavender is used to relieve stress, peppermint is used to aid digestion and chamomile is used to improve mood and relaxation. This Ellia Gather ultrasonic diffusers designed with ceramic and natural wood, in a basket weave design. The device combines the power of light and oils to help soothe.

Smartsleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light:

There is nothing worse than being struck by direct sunlight first thing in the morning. Not only is it invasive, but it also prevents you from waking up in a peaceful and calm manner. This device allows you to wake up in a calm and peaceful style and will also help you reset your circadian rhythm. You can syncrhonise your sleep rhythm with this bedside sunlight simulator. All you need to do is simply set your desired set wake time and it will wake you up in a natural way. The device also allows you to wind down and can be great use for getting more sleep and ultimately feeling more refreshed.

Muse Headband:

This headband has become a favourite device to help those who choose yoga and meditation as a way to relax. The headband helps you meditate by providing you with information on what your brain is doing as you meditate- in real time. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and can also set goals to help measure your progress.

Sleep White Noise Machine:

A crucial part to de-stress is to ensure you have a good sleeping routine. However, in the age of technology, more and more individuals are finding it harder to fall asleep as there are so many distractions around them. A device that will help you fall asleep faster, and therefore improve your stress levels, is the Sleep White Noise Machine. White noise machines are very popular amongst those who find it hard to fall asleep, as the generated high-pitch static noise consisting of randomised frequencies seems to help people de-stress and fall asleep.

20 Fingers Head Massager Scalp Scratcher:

Perhaps not the most technical gadget on the list, but one of the most relaxing is the massage scalp scratcher. The 20 metal fingers each have rubber beads attached to the end of them, which glide over your scalp and provide an unbelievably euphoric feeling each time you use it. It helps relieve migraines and headaches and is also great for those who suffer from anxiety and sleep problems.

Naipo Neck and Back Massager with Heat:

Paying for a massage can be expensive, and if you’re not paying, then persuading your partner to give you a massage can sometimes be a challenging task. If this is the case, then a neck and back massager will be your best friend. With its four different settings, which give a truly deep-kneading shiatsu massage, we can guarantee that all the tension in your neck and back will be relieved.

Sameasy Breo iSee Electric Eye Massager Mask:

This eye mask is a stress therapy machine that targets headaches in particular. The machine has three modes of pressure: circulation, medium and hard. All three settings stimulate blood circulation around your face and eyes and aim to reduce puffiness and dark circles. For comfort purposes, the machine has 40 degrees of heat compression and cushions around the nose. Additionally, the machine comes with a speaker for soothing music and a USB port for charging.

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