What is GBwhatsapp? – Some Things You Need To Know


How many of you are there who was using an Android smartphone? Honestly each year millions of android smartphones are getting sold by the top brand manufacturers.

The manufacturers of making a fortune outer smartphone business because of the smart features which are turning a regular phone to a super smartphone. A smartphone which is running on Android operating system is capable of doing things which can even rival desktop PC.

GbwhatsApp apk download

Android smartphone is being used by millions of people worldwide when we talk about Android smartphone which should not forget that there are applications which have been downloaded million times.

There are plenty of apps in android market, which has come to limelight after the release of innovate features and services. There are applications, which are made so that people can connect easily without any fuss.

Android smartphone applications such as WhatsApp which has released the boy couple of yahoo engineers. After working for Yahoo for several years, the innovative engineers have understood communication should be made easy rather than difficult and filled with ads and other irrelevant concepts to monetize.

Yahoo engineers have decided to build an application which allows user to connect to one another using the phone number.

The developers of whatsApp have decided to release the application without displaying advertisement or any promotions. The developers wanted to release the application at a free of cost and a lifetime free of service, which is a great idea and also it has successfully worked.

What is GBwhatsapp?

How many of you have more than two numbers? How many of you are maintaining dual sim smartphones? Dual sim smartphones are trending smartphones because it has two sim slots, so you can add two networks.

The same theory applies to GBwhatsapp. Where GBwhatsapp users can add two accounts On same smartphones and you can continue using 2 WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone. They must be a lot of you who have more than one WhatsApp account. For those users, GB WhatsApp can help maintain more than one account on WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is available for free to download.

GBWhatsApp has tons of features and tricks, which is far better than the official version of whatsApp and alternative OG WhatsApp.

Features of GBwhatsapp:

The official version of WhatsApp has very good features but only standard features, which help us to convey our message in an extra attractive way.

However, GBWhatsApp has some unique features, which are not available on official WhatsApp application because GBWhatsApp goes beyond what the policies and reach.

GBWhatsApp has features which go beyond WhatsApp regular features, GBWhatsApp can perform tricks which can be useful to make the conversation more attractive and engaging. Not every whatsApp user has knowledge of GBWhatsapp, which makes the applications even more special since we can add tricks to the conversation that no official Whatsapp user can perform.

The good part of the GBWhatsApp is the application does not require android rooting procedure because almost any Android smartphone can run GBWhatsApp. This is an advantage to those who have the intention to root the device for a single android application.

  • You can broadcast over 600 + whatsApp users, on official WhatsApp, you can only broadcast around 250 whatsApp users.
  • GBWhatsApp can hide your last seen but that doesn’t affect you from finding other uses last seen or last time activity time.
  • By using GBWhatsApp you can add customized themes on your whatsApp dashboard and chat board.
  • Now you can send above 16MB data, the maximum limit is 30 MB, which is a lot compared to official WhatsApp.
  • Everyone like quotes, on official WhatsApp you can update your status with the quote around 139 limit, which is not enough to fit in for some quotes. By using GB WhatsApp you can add about 240 characters quotes, which is 2x times better than GBwhatsapp.
  • If you have been to an occasion and you have taken more than 30 photos and you want to send them through official WhatsApp then you have to use WhatsApp three times because official WhatsApp allows only 10 photos at one time, In GBWhatsApp case you can add more than 90 photos in one use.
  • It has other additional features like you can customize the app from icons to the notification.
  • You can make voice calls over GBWhatsApp as well, this official feature is also available on WhatsApp, my point is official Whatsapp features are not affected GBWhatsApp.
  • There is a feature in GBWhatsApp, which can tell you when and what time a user has logged in. In other words recent activity despite you hiding your own activity.
  • The app gets time-to-time updates to ensure you are updated with latest features.
  • The most asked issue on WhatsApp is, how to hide unnecessary notifications of a specific user.
  • The file size is around 25MB.

These were few of several features of GBwhatsapp, the coolest thing I find about this app is you can install two Whatsapp applications on one smartphone.

How To Install The GBWhatsapp:

There is no secret guide or any advanced guide on how to install an android app. The procedure is simple and easy to execute so follow my step-by-step guidance.

  • Download the application from this website.
  • While downloading the android application, go to your settings > Application > Tap on Unknown sources or Tap on the application then you can go to settings directly.
  • Install the application.
  • Wait, till it gets installed, then tap on open.
  • If you already have an active version of WhatsApp then tap on “Agree and continue“.
  • Rest you can take it from here. (Even if you are running GBwhatsapp on you Tablet, do not worry GBwhatsapp is supported on tablets as well. The snapshots taken using Samsung tab 4)

Once you are done with the procedure, go back to settings and un-select “unknown sources” option, to make sure you are not allowing other non-market apps to install anonymously. GBWhatsapp is a third party android application, where do not vouch for the security from our end. Use the application on your own risk.


GBWhatsapp does have several features which make the app more powerful than the official version. The basic requirement of GBwhatsapp is that you’re android smartphone meets 2.0 android version or more.

In case if you have any questions on the current topic or if I have missed any point to add then you are welcome to contribute few points to us.

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