Launching a ride-hailing app for business travel: Insights from “Uber for Business”

Ride hailing app for business travel

As we all know, Uber is one of the biggest taxi service providers in the market now. They introduced many features, such as ride-hailing, luxury booking, business travel, and more. Among these, business travel was of very big help to the corporate. Many organizations provide their employees with daily rides to the office. In such firms, the cost of transportation will be higher. To reduce the transport expense, they can offer Uber rides for their staff. They can register with Uber for Business and add their employees by sending an invitation link to them. According to a survey conducted by Uber, organizations that offer rides via Uber will save more than $1000 per employee every year. Therefore, Uber for Business obviously seems to be a better option for providing rides.

Is it possible to construct an app like Uber?

Building an app like Uber for Business is not a bitter pill to swallow now. Many app development agencies have come up with Uber Clone apps that will function like Uber and contain more advanced solutions. These clone apps are already constructed and are ready to be personalized and launched. You just have to add or remove a few features of the app in accordance with your business requirements.

What do the developers use to build these apps?

The developers make sure that they build the readymade app based on the latest technologies. Uber clone scripts are similar to the script used in Uber apps, and it can be customized before launching. For the backend, web portal, and native apps, latest languages such as JavaScript,

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Python etc. is used. Usage of these languages for coding will help in offering more navigation accessibility.

Features of the Uber for Business Clone app:

There are many amazing characteristics in the app that will instantly gain the attraction of the customers. Once you give us the business needs, we will offer you suggestions on how to modify these features such that it is of maximum benefit to the customer, driver, and administrator. A few features are explained below:

Login panels:

Uber Clone app provides separate login panels for the employee, driver, and the concerned authority in the organization. The driver can register and upload his documents for the verification process. On successful completion of the verification procedure, the driver can start accepting rides. The customer can log in using the existing Uber account details and add the company profile to his account. If he/she is a new user, then they have to create an account with Uber and add a business profile using the invitation link sent by the employer.

Type of rides:

Uber for Business Clone app has a variety of rides to choose from. There is a normal car, luxury car, XL for accommodating many people, and more. You can choose the type of car based on the destination or the number of people traveling. The organization can combine staff who travel through the same route and provide them with Uber XL to reach the office. To pick up clients or delegates, the firm can make use of luxury cars. 

Ride history:

Total rides you have taken using the Uber for Business account will be available in the app itself. The employer can view the total number of rides takes, source & destination, and the fare paid for each ride. Using these, they can have a track of the total expenditure spent on rides for the employees.

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Live tracking:

Booking a ride using the Uber Business account is similar to booking a car using your personal account. Once you book the ride, the contact details of the driver will be displayed in the app. You can make use of it to get in touch with the driver. Live tracking of the driver using GPS is available in the app. You can obtain the location of the driver as he moves towards you.

Payment method:

With an Uber Business account, the staff who is availing the taxi service need not pay the driver. Once the ride is complete, the payment will be made by the organization directly. Just tap the Complete Ride button, and the bill will be sent to the authority in the organization. After approval, money for that particular ride will be paid to the driver.

Uber for business anywhere:

Uber for business can be used to take rides even when you are away from your town. If you have a business visit to another city, you can take a ride using the Uber Business account. It is not necessary that rides should be availed only within the specified city.

Wrapping up

Ride-hailing app for the corporate business travel will make better sense if the provided services are optimized better than the regular ride-hailing experience. This would require top of the line vehicles, drivers and extra added benefits. Only if there is an on-demand ride-hailing company that can take into account these things and provides a more comforting ride-hailing experience, the corporate business travel can use the ride-hailing apps. Take the important points from here and start up your own on-demand ride-hailing app for business travel.

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker & marketer for Uber clone app from Appdupe. She loves to travel and explore new places. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations etc. She enjoys sharing her ideas and experiences with readers and believes that she can make a better place for startup entrepreneurs.