How To Breed llamas In Minecraft?

how to breed llamas in minecraft

Minecraft is a one of a kind game. In this game, you can build houses, carry out activities like farming, breeding animals, etc. Today in this article, we will see how to breed llamas in Minecraft. In addition, we have added how to bread other animals as well.

Breeding animals is not a simple task to carry out in the game. You need to follow a few steps to breed the animal successfully. Animals like horses, Llama, wolves, chickens, pigs, cows, etc. can be bred in Minecraft. Further down in this article we will see how to breed llamas in Minecraft.

First of all, you need to tame all the animals you wish to breed in the game. For taming the animals you need to feed the animals with special food. The foods that are needed to tame the animal are written below.

To tame Llamas, feed them Hay Bale/wheat.

To tame horses, feed them golden apples/ golden carrots, wheat, or apples.

To tame cows, feed them Wheat.

To tame pigs, feed them carrots, potatoes or beetroots.

Now we will see how to breed the animals.

How to breed Llamas in Minecraft?

how to breed llamas in minecraft

To breed Llamas in Minecraft you will need to tame them first. While taming, they can also attack you by spitting on your character. That spit can sometimes miss you and hit the neighbour llama, which will definitely cause fights between each other. To tame and breed llamas, follow the steps written below.

  1. Go near the Llama and feed him 5 hay bales or 10 wheats. You can feed llama by pressing the right-click button on your mouse.
  2. After feeding, hearts will be visible.
  3. Now try to mount on a llama by pressing right-click.
  4. Repeatedly ride him until the heart appears. After that, you can take a llama to your base.

Follow the same steps written above to tame another llama. You obviously need 2 llamas to get bred. Create a fence structure and put both of the llamas inside that fence, don’t forget to add a gate for you to go inside it for feeding them. Shut the doors as soon as you go inside the fence or come out, because llamas can run away easily. Feed them daily and after some time they will start breeding.

Llamas are eventually hard to find on the map. You can get llamas in Wooded Mountains, Extreme Hills, or in Savanna.

This is how you can breed llamas. Unlike horses, players cannot control the movement of llamas as you cannot add a saddle to the llama. But after taming, llamas will follow you. This is how you breed llamas in Minecraft.

In addition, you can find how to breed other animals such as horses, cows etc.. below.

How to breed horses?

First, you need to feed the horses to tame them. Feed them wheat, apples or golden apples/ golden carrots. Horses can be seen easily on the plains, Savanna or in the villages. Do not beat the horses as they can hit you back. To breed the horses follow the steps written below.

  1. Feed the horses and tame them.
  2. Try to ride the horse and try to control them.
  3. Bring them back to base and build the fence around them. Don’t forget to add a gate to the fence, so that you can hover in or out. Close the gates to ensure that the horses don’t run away.
  4. Feed the horses daily and they will breed automatically.

This is how you can breed the horses easily. Horses are easy to breed. Don’t try to beat them or make them starve; this will decrease the chances of breeding. You can easily ride the horses and enjoy the ride by adding a saddle on the horse. After the death of the horse, you can collect the leather.

How to breed a cow?

To breed a cow, you need to tame them first. Feed them wheat and the cows will follow the player who holds the wheat in the hand. A cow might stop if the player holding wheat goes too far from the cow. So, check behind whether the cow or cows are following you or not. To breed cows follow the steps written below.

  1. Add all the tamed cows inside a fence with a gate.
  2. Feed the cows with wheat daily.
  3. They will start breeding shortly.
  4. The rate of growth of the baby cows can be increased by feeding more wheat.
  5. You can get milk from cows. To get milk from cows:
  6. Take a bucket in hand
  7. Go near the cow
  8. And press right-click
  9. Milk will get added to the bucket. Players can consume the milk. In this way you can breed the cow and get milk for yourself. Breeding a cow or a chicken is the easiest task in Minecraft. Don’t try to beat or put the cow inside the water, cows get fall damage easily.

How to breed a chicken?

  1. Find a pair of chickens, feed them wheat seed by right-clicking on your mouse to tame them. After taming successfully, follow the steps written below to breed the chicken.
  2. First, make sure you build a fence with a gate because chickens are the most annoying animals in Minecraft. They run here and there and often run away while taming.
  3. Feed them seeds daily
  4. They will start breeding automatically and will also give you eggs to consume for yourself.

This is how you can breed the chickens. Don’t leave the gate of the fence open, chickens can run all over your base and can ruin the breeding process. Feeding the baby and adult chicken daily can increase the growth of the chicken kingdom.

How to breed pigs?

Pigs can follow the player who keeps the carrot in their hand. Make the pigs follow you and tame them. To breed the pigs follow the steps written below.

  1. Bring all the tamed pigs inside the fence with a gate.
  2. Feed them carrots
  3. They will take some time and start breeding
  4. If you feed the piglets more, then they will grow quickly
  5. In this way, you can breed the pig. You can also ride the pig by placing the saddle on him and using a carrot on a stick.

This is how you can breed different animals in Minecraft. Llamas are the rare animal to be found in Minecraft. Other animals mentioned above are easily available, anywhere on the map. Before breeding, taming is an important task. Taming the animals and bringing them to base starts the process of breeding. Taming horses and Llamas is a difficult job. If your base is far from the location where you find Llamas, then it is a difficult job to bring them to the base. Once you’re inside your base then breeding can be started easily. To tame llamas, at-least two players are necessary to handle them easily.

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