7 Marketing Tools That Businesses Must Invest In This 2022

Are you looking to increase your sales for business growth? Do you want to gain more leads for your organization? Gone are the days when you could only market physically and needed a lot of finances to implement your strategies. It’s time you improve your marketing strategy by investing in the right marketing tools that are efficient in their delivery and success. These tools spread along various aspects of your business operations such as communication, content creation, and infographics.

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Consider the following tools:

  1. Vendasta

Vendasta is a software that allows you to carry out your business operations online. Carrying out your business on an online platform increases your customer base, as well as the chances of sales and high returns. This platform offers many services that your company can utilize for its betterment.

Vendasta pricing provides for a 14-day free trial, after which, you are to pay a subscription based on the level of your business growth: start-ups, those who’ve been in business for a while, and others.

  1. Buzz Sumo

This is a content marketing tool that your business can utilize to increase sales and customer traffics. Buzz Sumo allows you to analyze content on the internet that performs well based on your preferred niche. From the search, you can explore these contents to understand their techniques to gain high leads. You can implement the tricks and tips learned in your content for higher market reach.

It’s also possible to set alerts such that you’re notified anytime your competitor or a preferred content niche is posted. This keeps you ahead of the game by knowing what strategies are being used currently for more leads.

To acquire Buzzo Sumo, you need to pay a subscription fee.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an SEO marketing tool that you can use to better your visibility on Google search.

This tool enables you to search for and identify keywords increasing traffic for other companies. Once you’ve identified the best-performing keywords and niches, you can incorporate them into your content. You can also write content touching the identified niches for your website or brand to be better seen during searches.

You can also follow up on your rival company’s backlinks, which can help you identify their marketing strategy and use the information to your advantage. SEMrush requires you to pay for a subscription to access its services.

  1. Hot Suite

This is one of the common social media marketing tools being utilized by companies. With digitization, it’s important to stay visible on the internet. The possibility of growing your brand is much higher than lacking a social media presence and relying entirely on traditional marketing strategies.

This marketing platform reduces the need to spend time each day coming up with content to post on your socials. Hot Suite allows you to schedule and plan for content to be placed in your accounts even for months ahead.

The tool also allows you to rate the efficiency of your social media marketing across all platforms. It’ll show the social media platforms that are performing better and those that aren’t, enabling you to make the necessary changes for better marketing and brand creation.

Hot Suite is available for free; you don’t need to make payments for its use.

  1. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is an email marketing strategy your business can use to generate professional emails to send to your current and potential clients. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can learn online how to use Mailchimp for strategic E-mail marketing and boost your business.

If you run an e-commerce company, this platform can help you send automated emails to your clients, which you can also schedule the time of delivery. This means you don’t need to have your team sending emails all day instead of focusing on the core aspects of your business.

Mail Chimp gives you a free trial, after which you have to pay for a subscription.

  1. Crazy Eggs

Crazy Eggs is a platform that enables you to analyze your marketing strategy and helps you make it better for efficiency. Besides monitoring your website’s visitors, it shows their preferred content using heatmaps. This helps you deduce what’s working and what’s not working on your website, allowing you to adjust appropriately.

You can also analyze different marketing strategies on Crazy Eggs, and it’ll pinpoint the one that’s efficient and will bring in your desired results. This tool gives you a 30-day free trial, after which, you are to make payments based on your package of choice.

  1. Canva

Canva is a marketing tool that focuses on the graphics of your brand. The platform allows you to design your brand and makes your website appealing to visitors through infographics. By default, bright colors tend to attract people more than dark colors. Canva incorporates this concept in marketing your brand.

Besides working on your website, you can use Canva to make business cards, e-books, or even marketing posters for your business. Canva is a free marketing tool, and you don’t need a background in graphic design to use it for your organization.


There are various tools you can implement in your business to better your marketing strategies. Ensure to choose a marketing tool that suits your business needs, fits your business budget, and is easy to utilize without the need for third parties.