How to Create a Home Automation Network?



Have you ever watched Iron Man and wished you had your own personal J.A.R.V.I.S to organize your routine, turn on,  bring you hot coffee?

If your answer is yes, we are glad to inform you that this has become a reality and that you can, in fact, create your own home automation network.

Home automation is defined as when “a home’s electrical devices are connected to a central system that automates those devices based on user input.”

So, creating a home automation network is essentially putting all the pieces in order for your smart devices to communicate with each other, and facilitate a wide variety of operations, which range from anything to turn on the lights to your house, and all the way to automatically locking the doors, or even running the bath at the exact temperature of your preference.

The process of building a smart home may be a little complicated to execute, which is why we have crafted this manual filled with home automation ideas!


smartphone apps

One of the best parts of home automation technology is being able to control your house from wherever you are using smartphone apps. Most of them come for both Android and Mac.

Some companies even manufacture apps that allow you to control several of their products – the only drawback is that they might not communicate with each other really well.

The exception to this lies in applications like Google Home, which allow you to control multiple devices from a single app, with the trade-off of having fewer features, such as, say, home automation lighting.

Smart Assistants

home devices

Who hasn’t heard of Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri? These are the main competitors in the smart assistant category of home automation devices which allow you to control several features of your automated house by simply asking them to perform certain tasks.

If you are looking to build a home automation system, then you should get a digital assistant, seeing as they have an easier time connecting with and controlling all your other smart devices.

Digital assistants might not be on your list of essential tools for home, but it goes without saying that they would make your home automation network’s operation a lot smoother.


Picture yourself waking up in the morning and having the lights to your kitchen turn on all by themselves, while the tv instantly turns on and shows the channel of your preference. You walk over to the kitchen, and your coffee maker is already steaming while preparing your morning coffee. All of that without lifting a finger.

That is the power of good home automation systems, which you can easily set up by having your apps automatically interact without you as the middleman.

This is something you can check out right now by just picking up your phone and going through the features of your applications. If you do it correctly, setting up an entire daily routine for your house shouldn’t be too hard.


The convenience of coordinating all the smart devices of your house to cooperate with each other should never be underestimated. Just think about how much time you spend micromanaging your routine, precious moments that could be spent in more productive and pleasurable ways.

All it takes is the patience and resourcefulness to coordinate and fine-tune all the moving pieces of your network so that they suit you and your lifestyle.

Have you ever tried automating your life? If you have, share your experiences in the comments below and be sure to tell us how it went.

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