7 Crazy logo design trends that you must follow in 2021

7 Crazy logo design trends that you must follow in 2021

The outbreak of COVID19 has turned the world upside down, big enterprises have shut down their operations, and people are forced to leave their jobs. In such uncertain circumstances, we all are in desperate need of rebranding. Your logo is an essential cog in your branding machine, and the logo design shows not only who you are but also how you do it. Whether you plan to rebrand your old business or to launch a new business, it is important to stay updated and follow the unique logo design trends. The significant logo change that we came across in 2020 is the minimalism or simplification; removing excessive and unnecessary use of loud and bright colors is slightly discouraged.

Nevertheless, let your creative juices flow a bit, bring out your pen or paper or maybe a laptop and see how following trends will rule the logo design industry in 2021.

1)    Minimalism

As discussed above, minimalism is the trend that is not going away any time soon, and why should it? It promotes simplicity and shows how a simple logo is more effective and directly sends the message over the counter. Following the mantra of “less is more” is going to stay here for a while. Brands are more attractive towards uncluttered and straightforward designs. It is safe to say; you can never go wrong with a simple and minimalistic logo.

2)    Unfamiliar fonts

There is no denying that something that is not usual immediately catches the user’s attention. In 2021, there is an unusual trend of using unfamiliar fonts, which have not been used much. An intricate, fancy, and yet doodle-y font can draw anyone’s attention towards itself and are more selling. There are many ways to create an eye-catching and meaningful logo; however, the tricky part is to find a unique yet decipherable solution.

3)    Text destruction

One of the many trends that businesses are following today is the trend of removing a part of an alphabet. You are all free to play around with the font and logo design; however, you must ensure it sends out the right message to the audience and is easy to perceive.

4)    Stained glasses

Adding a little outdated and classic touch to the logo design is the key to the customer’s heart. It reminds them of their old classic times and compels a customer into making the purchase. Similarly, today there is a new trend of using stained glass logo designs. When applied to modern designs, breaking images into shards of solid colors lend regular concepts a touch of abstract. The stained glass is further linked with sanctity, given its roots in the old-fashioned church.

5)    Nature-inspired logos

The world is constantly moving towards a more environmentally friendly nature; people are always on the lookout for the things that promote this concept. Adding a touch of nature to the logo can transform the outlook of your brand. The customers will perceive your brand to be the one who is more careful about their nature and environment.

Moreover, if your brand is about healthy eating or a healthy lifestyle, you can always add some greens to your logo design and lure your customers into buying your product.

6)    Black and white logo design

Nothing can ever beat the classic combination of black and white logos. This combination never fails to mark its magic. If you keep attracting visitors through it, you do not need to change the strategy. The fusion of black and white colors is direct and classy and still moving forward with the modern cool effects.

Since the brands today are pretty high on simplification and minimalism, the combo of black and white perfectly fits the design criteria. Calling it a daddy of designs would not be an over-statement as it gives a brilliant canvas to experiment with the other new designing techniques and styles, including 3D animations.

7)    Bright, loud colors

As much as we promote the classic combination of black and white and minimalism, one should know you can be loud and proud and still minimalistic. There is nothing wrong with going wild once in a while and stand out in the market with the bold, brassy and vivid logo design.

Wrapping up

Logo trends are continually evolving; there will be many others that we will be following in 2021. However, one thing that we must have a firm grip on is the creativity aspect. If you are creative and bringing in out of box ideas, you are all set to rule the market.


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