How to have a goth look?

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Gothic fashion originated in the United Kingdom in the early ‘80s when a number of people adopted all-black attire. Over time, more people started following the trend and started wearing everything in black. The trend soon spread to other parts of the world. A group of people in every country started following gothic fashion in order to look cool. People that started wearing black color stuff got to be known as goths. Today, there are innumerable gothic lovers in the world including in Singapore. Boys and girls of different age groups buy and wear black clothes and accessories to fit in the world of gothic fashion. The trend has become so popular that even some jewelers in Singapore make a goth necklace and goth earring sets.

goth look 02

If you love to see gothic people and want to follow their trends, you can simply do so in the following steps.

Firstly, you would have to focus on black clothing. Make sure that you are dressed in black from top to bottom. Not only your shirt and pants should be black but your socks, shoes and even stockings should be in full black. Do not wear any other color apart from black to complete the look. Even if you are wearing something in a mix of black with another color, you will fail to create the authentic gothic look. So, if you have colored clothes on you, make sure to remove all of them. If you are a girl, buy a shirt that is a size or two bigger than your actual size. It will give you a better look and will make you look cooler. You can also wear leather jackets in full black. If you want to look sexy gothic, include clothes that have black lace or velvet on them. It will not only make you look sexy but also a lot cooler.

When you have completed your clothes collection, move over to add accessories to complete your look. Buy a goth earring set, necklace, rings, and other things that will make you look even cooler. If it sounds exciting to you, you should not delay your plan any longer. You should move on to buy the essential items so that you can quickly complete your gothic look.

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If you are looking to buy gothic clothes or goth jewelry, you should look out for stores that sell them. Although you may find black clothes everywhere but find someone that understands gothic fashion well. When you visit a store that has an exclusive collection for goths like you, it will be easier to buy the right products. You should similarly find a seller that sells gothic jewelry that will help you complete your goth look. Before buying from any seller, it is necessary to check their product quality and price. When you are assured that you are getting good quality clothes and accessories, you can proceed to buy them. If you are happy with your purchase with a particular seller, you can invite your goth friends to buy from them too.

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