5 Best Police Shows on Netflix

5 Best Police Shows on Netflix

Watching detective shows is surely thrilling, especially for you who love to solve criminal puzzles. Such a TV show can sharpen your mind and brain. So, it is not surprising that movies with crime and mystery genres have a lot of fans, especially the ones related to smart detectives who are an expert in analyzing a criminal case. Here are the top police shows that you can watch on Netflix.


When he was young, Sigmund Freud was an expert in solving mysterious cases back in 1886 in Vienna. This movie tells a story about Freud, played by Robert Finster, in historical fiction, handling crimes in dangerous roads with the help of the gorgeous Fleur Salomé, played by Ella Rumpf and a policeman named Alfred Kiss, played by Georg Friedrich.

Freud is a suitable detective slash thriller TV show for those who want to see the typical crime that happened in the 19th century in Austria. This TV show is also starring Manuel Ossenkopf.

The Stranger

The casts of The Stranger are Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, and Jennier Saunders. Quite many people think that this mystery series is the new version of another Netflix’s popular series titled You. The Stranger tells a story about a creepy stalker who makes the public know about the secrets of suburban families. A book by Harlan Coben is the base of this TV show. Netflix plans to release a number of series based on the author’s work in the future.

The Outsider

A kid in Cherokee City, Georgia, started a dark investigation when she was brutally murdered, mutilated, and raped. Detective Ralph Anderson, played by Ben Mendelsohn is in charge of investigating the case. He believes that the case is simple. But then he realizes that this kind of murder case may involve a supernatural strength.

Since he realizes that he may deal with a kind of force that is out of his control, the detective starts to question every single thing he believes while he is digging further in the case. This TV show is based on the novel by Stephen King. It also stars Cynthia Erivo and Bill Camp.

Truth Be Told

Poppy Parnell, played by Octavia Spencer, is a passionate criminal podcaster who loves testing her knowledge about murder. She got a call to offer support for the case of convicted killer Warren Cave who had been mentioned previously in her podcast as the killer of the father of identical twins. But when she investigates further, she starts to doubt her perceptions about innocence and guilt.

Prodigal Son

Last but not least is Prodigal Son. A criminal psychologist named Malcolm Bright, played by Tom Payne, recently works with the NYPD to solve murders. He has the amazing skill to see the perspective of the killer so that he can provide details that can help in investigations. But this opportunity makes him scared of becoming as dangerous a sociopath as his imprisoned father who committed 23 murders.

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