Backlinks Monitoring – How to Keep Track of All Your Backlinks?

How to Keep Track of All Your Backlinks

It’s essential to monitor your website’s SEO rankings and visibility. A famous quote that perfectly fits digital presence is that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. It’s particularly true when it comes to monitoring your website’s backlink performance.

Data is vital to the success of every website. The amount of traffic you generate weekly, monthly, or annually determines the performance, marketing strategy, and hence—site’s ranking. Optimizing your SEO to be highly-efficient and organized is crucial.

It’s crucial and critical if you don’t know where and when to begin. Thankfully, some tools help you track backlinks efficiently and effectively. Not all SEO tools can provide automation and simplify the workloads.

Why Do You Need To Monitor Your Backlinks?

Monitoring your website’s backlinks is as important as when you are building them. There are times that a webmaster may accidentally remove your backlinks or decide to change the link to nofollow or dofollow.

If you are aware of the status of your backlinks, acting fast can retrieve your backlinks. The primary benefit of monitoring backlinks is maintaining a good profile and site ranking on search engines like Google. On the other hand, if you are running a link-building campaign, it’s critical to track all links and know when wrong links are removed.

There are specific tools you can use to monitor all your backlinks automatically. A reliable tool must help y save time from manual tracking and the likes. An SEO tool like the Link Tracker Pro has this feature, which monitors tons of backlinks effectively and instantly. It offers complete automation and simplified features on your end.

How To Keep Track Of All Your Site’s Backlinks?

There are two highly effective ways on how to monitor all your website’s backlink effectively.

  • Manual Monitoring

Monitoring your backlinks using manual tracking is time-consuming, and it’s not worth all the effort you’ll be investing in. Imagine you are running a website with tens and thousands of backlinks? That will consume most of your time tracking all the good backlinks and segregating the bad ones.

You might get stuck for hours tracking your site’s backlinks. While monitoring backlinks has tons of benefits for every website, this process is best done automatically.

  • Automated Monitoring

Automated backlink tracking is the best and easiest way for you to see the status of your backlinks. With a highly-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use tool like the Link tracker, you can do all the tracking in a few minutes. The amount of time you save with an automated tool can focus on how you can improve your website.

These SEO tools are strategically developed to provide ample support site owners need to upscale their business. These tools are conveniently easy to use and work with a plug-and-play mechanism.

You can monitor the status of your backlinks, backlink monitoring tools provide comprehensive reports of the backlink status (useful links from wrong links), competitor’s backlink strategies, anchor text status or distribution, and more.

Keeping track of all your backlinks is vital as investing with the right automated tool to simplify the job for you. Using the most effective and most accessible tool allows you to keep track of backlinks and link-building fast and easy.

Benefits Of Using An Automated Backlink Tracker

  • You can detect the toxicity of every site backlinks that can damage your site ranking on search engines.
  • It protects your website from toxic and harmful backlinks.
  • It enables you to monitor the status and performance of every backlink to your site.
  • It provides the most specific backlinks that help your site rank higher on search engines.
  • It helps you effectively categorize backlinks helpful for your website’s visibility.


Tracking your backlinks’ performance and the condition is essential and must not be time-consuming at the same time. Finding the right tool that offers simplicity, straightforward-approach, automation, and efficiency is vital.

Backlinks help generate traffic on your site, increase site ranking, or visibility to search engines. Bad backlinks can do the opposite, and you wanted to make sure that your website is in excellent condition.

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