How to Promote YouTube Videos for Greater Traffic?


With hundreds of hours of videos getting uploaded to YouTube every minute, what is the chance that your video would be able to capture a good share of views? Your video is like a drop in the ocean of YouTube that is likely to get lost among many others unless you do something to keep it afloat and visible. You will need to promote your video in such a manner that your target audience not only becomes aware of it but is also keen on watching it. The following YouTube marketing tips will bring greater traffic to your channel and hence your videos.

#1 Optimize Your Channel for YouTube Search

The search algorithm of YouTube ranks videos just as Google ranks websites. This is what decides which videos are visible to users when they log in. To reach out to your audiences, you will need to have a high rank in YouTube search results.

Keyword Research

To optimise your channel for search engines, start with keyword research to find what words are relevant to your video and also click with the audience. Your video can appear in the search results and the sidebar when another video is being watched. You will need to figure out a primary keyword as well as supporting keywords.

Use the Keywords

You should then use these keywords in your script, title, description and tags. The description should be short enough not to give away the video but not too short. 150 words is a good length. Include invites to related web content here. Adding hashtags makes it easier to find your video.

Call to Action

Ask people to take action – tell them to like, share, comment and subscribe. Adding clickable annotations and custom thumbnails are also suggested

#2 Use Social Media to Advertise

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms. If you can reach out to the relevant audiences here, you would have reached around 80% of your audience. To reach these audiences through video marketing, you will need to advertise and hence you must make a wise selection for the platform where you are likely to find the right target group.

The format and features of these ads should be designed with a purpose to impress in the first three seconds. This will need to be discussed separately.

#3 Create a Brand on YouTube

To make sure that people know you and your channel, you will need to create a distinctive persona for your channel. You will need to start with a short impactful intro for your videos. This should be included in every video created by you so that the users begin to associate the two. Have a consistent colour scheme and font for your look and thumbnails

#4 Create and Integrate a Blog

A YouTube channel is incomplete without a blog. Whatever is the subject of your videos, have a related blog. Here, you can talk about the subject in greater detail and explain the context. You can also embed your video here for greater visibility. Blogs help your videos to find rank in Google search by putting things in context.

#5 Join Hands with Influencers

An influencer is someone your audience admires and follows. A favourable word from them could give a new life to your videos. A large number of their followers will take their advice and flock to your channel. They might even subscribe. This will give a boost to your ranking and you will be more visible. How you can get influencers to collaborate with you is another topic and can be discussed in greater detail.

If you do not have a website, create one. This will be important for YouTube marketing. Have the best of your content there in the form of a blog, except that the content is in the video format. The content can then successfully drive traffic to each other.

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