Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Best for Building Brands & Followers?

Blogging Vs Podcasting 2

In this digital age, every person aspires to be part of the digital brands and bubbles and nobody wants to miss out on that.

The blogging started off in the late 90s, as an indispensable part of the digital journalizing that involves everything from traveling to DIY home decorating. Ever since then, blogging has turned out to be the go-to platform for businesses to share their ideas and earn the trust of the contemporary and future clients.

However, a new beast entered the ring that goes by the name of podcasting which is a free open mic medium that permits the users to access the digital files of audio from the internet. They can also download them to mobile devices and computers and listen to them at their leisure. Usually, the podcasts offer subscriptions and they come in a series.

Now that you have a clear idea about both, the next invariable question that arrives is which one is better!

But that is not an easy task. The answer to that depends precisely on what your brand needs. The thing about podcasting is that with the podcast listeners, it can easily build the brand and trust of the listeners.

However, a new beast entered the ring that goes by the name of podcasting which is a free open mic medium that permits the users to access the All You Can Books, digital files of audio from the internet.

While blogging just enables your brand to grab the attention of the readers for just more than 2 minutes, with podcasting you can steal the attention of your customers for a prolonged time from 30-60 minutes sometimes.

Added to that, the connection with the podcaster is quite personal as the sarcasm, voice flection and enthusiasm can be portrayed in a much smoother way than when done in the textual form.

Podcasting Vs. Blogging

There can be a difference in the type of audience between the blogging and podcasting. While with blogging you can get people to devote hardly more than a couple of minutes, podcasting enables you to get their attention for a longer time. However, they may feel more connected with the presenter of the message rather than the brand.

Here are some pointers that show the difference and similarities between podcasting and blogging.

  • With the podcasting, the elements like tonality, accent, authority, energy and humour of the voice can assist the listeners connect with the podcaster.
  • When blogging is used to convey or deliver the message, there are much less chances for the readers to get infatuated by the person responsible for the message.
  • Despite all the vocal charms and benefits linked with podcasting, it is still in embryonic stage in regard to the marketing medium.
  • Not many people around the world even know about the podcasts, let alone associating it with a brand.
  • Most significantly podcasting can’t deliver the SEO benefits (till now) and that is why the textual content is great for marketing.
  • Blogging, moreover, is not marred by the reach, depth and penetration as reading as habit still surpasses listening in the digital world.

Analysis of Efficiency between Blogging and Podcasting

If you know which between the 2 will be most suitable for your brand, then you don’t need this debate at all. While both mediums are effective in its own way, it all boils down to the requirements of your brand.

  • Platforms and outlets of voice message publication is as strong as that of blogging. Just like blogs, social networks and directories for textual contents, there are also YouTube, Audio Books and Vimeo for podcasts.
  • More than the broadcasting platform or publishing site, it is the simplicity of the message that can make it truly impactful.
  • Brands can try both podcasts and blogging in their marketing mix and look towards experimenting a bit prior to realising the actual ROI.
  • Both the routes can be a success on the basis of the specific requirement and you can select the one that does the job for you.

If you are concerned about which one will be most suitable for your brand, you should consult with the professionals of a reputed SEO company India who know the tricks of the trade and can guide you to help your brand achieve its full potential.


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