How to Secure Your Laptop from Theft?


Securing your laptop from theft requires careful thought. They’re popular items because of their resale value. It’s also difficult for a buyer of a second-hand MacBook to know that it’s stolen, especially if the operating system has been overwritten.

Here are some tips to help provide better security for your laptop against theft.

Use a Kensington Lock

A Kensington Lock for a MacBook Pro lets the owner secure their device to a permanent fixture. Depending on where you are, that might be a supporting column, a table leg or a counter. These make a laptop theft a little less likely. However, some people will still make a try for your beloved MacBook.

When a thief tries to steal a laptop with a Kensington lock engaged, there comes a moment where the lock gets yanked hard. Sometimes the machine’s housing comes apart; other times it stays intact. While you may retain your laptop with the thief accepting defeat, that might not be before they damage the laptop out of spite. It’s certainly better to have a lock engaged but understand it’s not a fool-proof solution. However, it’s a good start!

Track Your Laptop at All Times

It’s quite common to see apps for the iPhone that track a phone if it’s lost or stolen. However, getting one that works reliably for a MacBook is another story entirely.

The Hidden App is a mac tracking app (it locates other Apple devices too) that will track your precious laptop to a fixed location. So, should it grow legs and walk out of the office, it’s possible to track it down again.

The software can also remotely access the operating system when the Mac is turned on and internet is enabled. A data wipe is available too. Getting pictures of the person now using the laptop and even communicating with them through the app is possible. This is useful if the Mac has been sold on and the buyer is blissfully unaware that they’re using stolen goods.

Apple Macbook have a great features to track the location of you laptop. This is the reason Apple is considered to be the best laptop brands for business by TechLogitic Experts.

Public Places Aren’t as Safe as You Think

Being ‘Apple Picked’ is a growing phenomenon that should have you worried. Even tech writers are seeing their MacBook get lifted right out of Starbucks. The crafty thief saunters into Starbucks or another popular coffee shop, grabs the MacBook from right in front of the user, and then scarpers off to a waiting motorbike, car or the Del-boy 3-wheeled van. Any of these forms of transport make for relatively fast getaway vehicles before the coffee-loving MacBook user has gotten up from their seat.

With anyone able to wander into a café, restaurant or another venue where laptops are regularly being used, thieves have become brazen. Working in a team, one to keep the door open, another to grab the laptop, and a third keeping the engine running, it’s the modern-day equivalent of a day-time bank robbery. Minus being ‘tooled up’.

How can you avoid this catastrophe? Consider whether there’s an open-door policy at the place or only valid customers are likely to be wandering about. When Joe public can come in and out as they please, the risk is considerably higher.

Bring Minimal Gear Out with You

When you’re away from the office or home and you want to stay connected or productive, think about what your minimal setup is. Don’t bring your MacBook when your tablet or iPhone will do. If you’re going to a really sketchy area because you have to meet someone, leave what isn’t required at home or the office. After all, bad people cannot steal what you didn’t bring with you.

When you take the time to secure your laptop, it’s far less likely to get stolen. Most theft happens because people get complacent and don’t implement smart policies to protect their possessions.

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