How Vingo App Benefits Obese People?

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Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight? You need to look slim and fit, and get back into your old favourite pair of jeans. Worry not, for we have the best solution in the name called Vingo.

This amazing app is designed to change your work-out time into an adventure. This way you won’t even feel like you’re straining out on your treadmill. By using this app regularly, you will surely lose a lot of weight in no time at all.

The App Motivates with Simulation, AR & VR

The app uses Augmented Reality to take you out of your home into all your favourite spots around the world. All you need is a screen placed before your treadmill/training bike and that’s it. You will be running along the foothills of the Himalayas on one day and riding your bike on the slopes of Mt. Sicily the other day. By changing your scenery, you will feel like you are going on a picnic every morning and the thoughts about you sweating out on your equipment will fade off. This way, you will push yourself towards your weight loss goals, without even realising it.

This Fitness App Makes Cycling / Running Interesting

If you thought changing the visuals was interesting, get a load of this. The app is enabled with ANT+ sensors which accurately track your movements on your equipment. But first, you need to connect the app with the equipment. You can do this via Bluetooth after installing the app on your smart device. The sensors allow multiple devices to be connected to your device too, so you can connect your AirPods and listen to the tunes while you hike.

The sensors also detect your resistance and inclination settings on your treadmill/exercise bike. By doing so, the Vingo app will make your trip seem as realistic as the real trips. You will feel the scenery change according to your speed, and on sloped hills, you will feel the push on your equipment and on the screen.

Partner with Friends from Different Places

On the app, you can connect with a lot of people from around the world. Or, if you feel you need your friends with you, you can invite them to join you. No matter where they might be in the world, they can join you through the app and you can all have a great time together. You can also talk to all of them via the voice chat feature, just like you do on a video call.

Set a Joint Goal & Achieve it

Another option is to form a team with your family, and friends and challenge each other towards a common fitness goal. You can do a lot more with this virtual cycling app. You can post your progress on social media and also join communities within the app. In no time at all, you will lose your excess weight and become fit as a fiddle. The best part of the app is you can do it along with your friends.


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