Learn How to Manage Your Spectrum Voice Service


Charter Spectrum Communications is offering several exciting voice packages to its subscribers. Their bundled packages are the best to choose as they allow subscribers to combine their cable television, Internet, voice service and home phone services together. The bundled plans help Spectrum subscribers to save a lot of money on their monthly bills as well as enjoy numerous other benefits.

Additionally, Charter Spectrum service allows subscribers to bundle two of their services like phone service and Internet service. However, it is better to get the bundle of three services together as this will considerably reduce the service charge. Let’s take a look at the plans & services offered by Spectrum.

Voice Service by Spectrum


The major highlights of Spectrum Voice service is the crystal-clear reception of the voice services. The voice services include features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Speed Dial. Before opting for any package, it is suggested to take a look at different bundle packages from Spectrum and learn what they have to offer.

Triple Play Select Bundle Pack


This is the most popular bundled package from Charter Spectrum communications, which allows the subscribers to access over 10,000 on-demand channels. And, you can also access more than 125 popular TV channels in HD. The maximum Internet speed you’ll get under this data pack is 60 Mbps and the total price of the monthly data pack is 29.99 USD.

Triple Play Silver Package Bundle Pack


The package includes 50 more additional channels along with 125 TV channels. Other channels included in the package are Fox Business Network, BBC America, Cooking Channel and more. You’ll get a maximum internet speed of 60 Mbps with long distance calling offers. The package costs 49.99 USD a month.


How to Access Spectrum Voice Service?

Access Your Voice Online Manager

The online voice manager helps you check your voice messages and allows you manage all the voice call features online. To access your voice manager – go to Voice, and select Go to Voice Online Manager.

Steps to access Voice Online Manager:

Step 1

Login to

Step 2

Choose the Voice icon from the top right corner of your account page.

Step 3

Now, enter your phone number that you want to manage for your online voice manager, and you’re ready to use it.


How to Set Up Voicemail?


Steps to set up your Voicemail on using Voice Online Manager:

Step 1

Access your Voice Online Manager.

Step 2

Next, go to voicemail section of the summary page to Set Up Voicemail.

Step 3

Follow all the displayed prompts to set up a greeting message. Additionally, you can you set your four-digit numeric PIN and voicemail preferences.

How to Access your Voicemail Messages?

When you have a new voicemail, you’ll hear a dial tone on your phone. Your voice message mailbox can store up to 45 messages for a maximum of one month. All your messages can be viewed and managed under the Voicemail tab of Voice Online Manager.

What you can do with your selected voice message?

You can use the “Search” feature to find your voice messages by phone number.

You can select “Play” to listen to all your voice messages stored on your device.

You can also “Delete” unwanted messages. All the deleted messages can’t be recovered after 24 hours.

The messages can be marked as ‘Heard” or “Unheard.

In the End

With these simple steps for your Charter Spectrum Voice service, you can check who has sent you voicemail. You can also listen to all your voice messages, save them or delete them and can manage all your voice services online.

If you’ve any difficulty in understanding these steps or have any technical trouble with your Spectrum service, you can call Spectrum voice customer service to get instant help.


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