Make Money From Your Photography Hobby Without Running a Full-time Business

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If you’re an experienced hobbyist photographer, you’ll know how expensive good gear can be. Many people might advise you to turn your hobby into a full-time business so that you can start recouping costs.

But would-be entrepreneurs’ photography business can fail because they end up losing their passion for the craft. Instead, you may want to try these means of making additional income from your photography without committing to running a business.

#1 Stock photography

Stock photography can get a bad rap for being too generic, or having low return on investment. But this can actually become your opportunity to address a gap in the market, by bringing your style into the equation. If your pictures stand out, you can generate a steady stream of income – enough that you could pay someone else to handle the time-consuming work of post-processing. Photo editing services for photographers can help you operate more efficiently and focus on the joy of taking beautiful pictures while still making a profit.

#2 Teaching

To teach photography, you don’t have to scout for openings at a local art school, although landing a position like that would be pretty cool. It can be much easier to conduct classes and organize workshops. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert yet, there’s a lot you could teach to beginners. Online teaching is also an option, with webinars becoming a popular learning tool for interested students.

#3 Blogging

If you have some skill in writing and web design, a photography blog could be an easy way to earn income. Paid ads and referral links are the basic means of bringing in revenue. Doing reviews of various photography-related products could even net you some freebies, and who doesn’t like more gear? Make sure you find your niche, though, since there are tons of photography blogs out there. Establishing an audience and engaging with them is the key to earning from a blog.

#4 Make art

Photography as an art form presents the opportunity to make money from selling prints of your work. If you’ve developed a distinct personal style along with solid technical skills such as composition and lighting, then you could have great chances of success in this market. Put in the effort to find a reliable fine art printer who’ll do justice to your work; then you can start marketing and selling them on your website or through a third-party platform.

#5 Freelance projects

Wherever you live, chances are that all around you are potential clients for your skills. Businesses might need someone to shoot company profile pictures; local publications could need a one-time shoot for an article or interview. Clients often need someone whose skills go beyond mobile phone photography, but can’t afford to hire them on a long-term basis. Looking for freelance projects in your area can bring in more money than you’d expect while building up your portfolio.

#6 Assistant work

Becoming an assistant to a more experienced photographer running their own business can be an attractive option for hobbyists. While you may not get paid as much as other ventures, you’ll gain hands-on experience with studio equipment without having to buy anything. Even better, you’ll learn by shadowing the pros at work, and get a better sense of what it’s like to run a full-time photography business.

Photography is an expensive hobby, but it’s also a wonderful passion to pursue. Try out these methods of income generation so you can continue to take the pictures you love, the way you want to.


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