Mobile Phone Insurance Is a Requirement for Device Safety


Life is great with some new upgraded mobile devices. And device protection gives you true peace of mind by getting you back on track again with a replacement of mobile phone on account of theft or loss or repairing or replacing the device on account of accidental damage. Protect your new device with the goal that you can live worry- free, and get back doing the things you cherish. Thus, mobile phone insurance proves to be a requirement for your device safety.

It would be ideal if you note that replacement equipment may incorporate remanufactured or used equipment.

Why you need insurance on your mobile phone?

The idea of mobile phone insurance is fairly recent and very few mobile phone owners know about it, or willing to buy it.

  • You are probably going to damage or lose your phone: If you are accident prone, or have broken or lost mobile phones previously, consider buying coverage to protect you from paying for replacements.
  • You are on a monthly service contract: Some pay for monthly mobile phone service contracts, tie you in for two years or more, and in any case, you will need to make the payments if your cell phone is lost or harmed.
  • You need a quick replacement service: If you depend on your mobile phone and would require it replaced rapidly, online insurance providers may be the best choice. However, it generally costs more without any discounts for old models.
  • You couldn’t afford the cost of the expense of replacing your mobile phone: If you have a costly mobile phone it could cost many dollars to replace, so consider taking out mobile phone protection.

In the event that you choose to take out mobile phone insurance, you should check the condition of your policy to ensure you get the cover you need. Check for exclusions, and search for required plans.

Benefits of Mobile Insurance:

Considering the heavy dependence that the present age has on their cell phones, mobile protection can be your closest companion. Listed below are some of the benefits which mobile insurance gives, making it all the more a requirement for device safety.

  • You have recently acquired a costly cell phone and you wish to secure it from loss or damage. A mobile protection plan can help you in such a manner.
  • A mobile insurance plan is a smart buy if you hold a history filled with having lost or broken your past previous mobile phones.
  • Depending on the plans which you take, you can get a replacement for your stolen or damaged cell phone of the same model without downgrading to a lesser advanced model.
  • If you depend vigorously on your mobile phone for your everyday activities and would require a quick replacement in case of damage, mobile insurance would be of great use.

Mobile Insurance Coverage:

Mobile insurance plans give assurance against a variety of risks and harms to the phone. Given that cell phones are electronic devices; they could be inclined to software failures which can often render the device a useless one. Other than internal damage, external damage can likewise occur because of various reasons. Below are some of perils and damages which are generally covered under mobile insurance plans.

  • Damage to the internal parts of the mobile phone because of liquid spillage.
  • Hardware failure like breaking down touchscreen, broken headphone jack or charging port failure.
  • Damage caused because of malicious intent and screen cracks.
  • Loss of mobile because of robbery or theft.
  • Loss of mobile from a safely locked vehicle or building.
  • Damage to the internal and external components.

iPhone Insurance Facts-

In case you are using an older iPhone and it is out of warranty and your AppleCare is either up or you simply turned back out with AppleCare, at that point what are you to do in the event that it breaks, gets liquid damage, or quits working suddenly? Well, numerous insurance companies and carriers just cover new iPhones, and your credit card purchase covers you for around 90 days, and the extended warranty it gives presumably just doubles Apple’s one-year warranty.

That being stated, in case you’re willing to take look on iPhone insurance plans from third-party providers, there are worth and can cover for your older iPhone.

If your iPhone has quit working, go through your purchase documents to check whether it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty period. This covers repair to your iPhone if the damage is not your fault.

Final note…

Basically, warranties last somewhere in the between one and two years, depending on the manufacturer, although, a few parts may just be secured for a short period of time. For example, your cell phone battery or accessories may just be covered for six months.

Losing a mobile phone can be an awful occurrence. Hence, for device safety, mobile phone insurance can surely be a requirement and a peace of mind.

David Rodriguez is a writer living in Texas and currently working for, a Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider company. He is very passionate about his work. As a fan of technology, travel, and programming, he likes to write on various topics.