Organic Traffic To A Site Improves SEO And Search Ranking

Organic Traffic To A Site Improves SEO And Search Ranking

The rank of a site in Google or any other search engine and improved SEO largely depends on the traffic on a site. If you want to increase the number of organic traffic to your site you will need to make improvements in your age old SEO strategies so that you can create more and better engagement.

One of the most significant things to do hereis to research deeply regarding the data and pattern apart from trying to find the ways in which both SEO and Google works. The best way to do this is to open up and come out of your shell, ask questions and also make a few ranking experiments sometime or the other to know what actually goes on behind the scenes.

However, from sociology to quantum physics, when it comes to human observation it is impossible to get deeper into anything without becoming a part of the study, well at least to some point. It is only then you will understand how traffic improves SEO and affects Google rankings in a better way.

The story of Reddit

The measure of an improved SEO ranking and the story of Reddit are the equivalent factor because this happens to be the self-professed front page of the internet as well as the social media network. There are a few notable facts in this regard.

  • If you follow their story in different sections called subreddits you will see that it predicts how Google in the near future will “read” and rank a site depending on its content and images. It was picked up adequately by Futurology Subreddit that you can use several latest SEO strategies that will help you to increase the traffic to your website.
  • These SEO strategies will provide an immediate and notable effect on your online presence. What is even more interesting is the fact that beyond the effect it will also influence how your site is interpreted by the search engines.
  • Today, if you want to survive this highly competitive world of business where everything is largely dependent on online traffic, there is no denial that you will need a far more organic traffic to your site in comparison to those of your close competitors. You will need to have a huge referral traffic spike on cognitiveSEO to see the immediate effect and help in a closer and a more precise analysis.

There are lots of ways, tools and keyword fyrebird white hat SEO practices to follow that will spike in more website traffic. It is true that quantity does not always necessarily equal the quality, but for any site the average session duration is very important. It has an inversely proportional relation to the number of visitors.

The promising statistics

If you experience low traffic to your site then before sulking and sinking into the ‘pool of youth-these-days disappointment,’ follow the promising statistical tools and figures. No matter how true a fact it is that statistical figures can easily deceive, in this specific case of SEO results and ranks, the average relative measurement will sometimes help you to pursue your goals with more confidence. Different study results show a few more interesting facts such as:

  • On an average it is found that the users spend about 9 seconds on a landing pagebefore they start looking for something more interesting no matter how strongly you believe that this average time for your site is much higher
  • On the other hand, users who do not find anything interesting in a site are highly likely to leave it within a couple of seconds and move on to the next.

Even if you are not in complete coherence with these statistical clarifications, you cannot deny the obvious fact that remains which is, you will need to create a site that is full of dramatic and interesting contents in each of its page, with the only difference that the next is much better than the previous one.

This will increasethe number of visitors to your site with a rider added to it: dramatic increase in web traffic does not necessarily mean quality visitors.

The bounce rate

When a visitor leaves your site quickly and when a lot of visitors do the same you must know that it is high time that you seriously consider looking and reviewing your content and make the necessary changes to reduce the bounce rate. You will be surprised to know that few study reports have found that boring and unprofessionally designed websites and uninformative contents can result in a bounce rate that can be as high as 96.19%.

This means that the vast majority of the visitors simply clicked, glanced at your contents and left in a haste.Sometimes, accidental clicks are also largely responsible for such a large bounce rate but such high a number cannot certainly be a result of accidental clicks only. There has to be something really grave behind it.

It is this short time window that you will get to prevent them from doing so and stay glued to your site asking for more. You can do this in several ways such as:

  • With a little research on the profile of the user taking their demands and your deliverance into account at this point
  • For all your avid readers, you must ensure that they do not leave without parsing the pieces of content in rapid succession
  • Ensure an in-depth title with proper keyword inserted that will compel them to scan their eyes through your article body
  • Use relevant and catchy links with specific keywords so that the users are allured to click on it to know more about your brand product or services and
  • Ensuring the visitors get something interesting to read the moment they click on it or just seconds after when the page has loaded.

All these useful and latest SEO strategies will ensure higher and better traffic, more engagement and time spent on your site and therefore a better search engine result in turn.


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