MultCloud Is Your New Best Friend in School

MultCloud Is Your New Best Friend in School

The pandemic has left the world’s education system reeling under pressure but schools adapted to the change swiftly and shifted to an online learning. This cloud-based learning mechanism is both simpler, easier and more student friendly. Cloud data transfer is incredibly easy and makes your learning quicker.

But… there is one problem.

Not all cloud solutions are built alike and your teachers may not necessarily be working on the same solution. Whether you are going back to school to attend normal classes or taking lessons online, you will need a powerful cloud solution that keeps your school work, different classes and your personal data connected and intact.

Enter MultCloud- a multi cloud management system that lets you connect multiple accounts on different cloud platforms in one place. Now easily switch between your personal photos saved on Google Drive to class notes on Microsoft OneDrive with just one click. You can add-in schedules and drafts from Dropbox or create a backup for all your data on a separate account on Box. The combined power of all cloud platforms helps you in staying updated with everything going on in your life in one place and that too hassle-free.

With its new Back to School offer, MultCloud is offering a free 30-day trial to its paid version. You get unlimited traffic, access to 30+ cloud platforms and a robust account management system for free to keep your life neat and organized.

What makes MultCloud unique?

MultCloud lets you get the power of free storage from multiple cloud platforms on a single hub. It not just connects more than 30 cloud storage applications on one platform, but also helps you in managing space better. Your data remains secured and becomes more easily accessible without having to remember multiple passwords.

How can MultCloud help?

Whether you are a teacher of a student, you need to keep important data stores on cloud platforms. This makes data sharing and transfer easy and also provides you access to best-in-class security. Unfortunately, most platforms provide only limited cloud storage because of which it becomes difficult to use them extensively. MultCloud will allow you to connect the power of 30+ cloud platforms on one hub. You can manage your personal life and your learning in one space without compromising on “storage space.”

Now save your lessons, pictures of notes, recorded videos, assignments and more with ease. Here is how MultCloud is of great use to you.

Get extra free cloud storage space

Not happy with just 5GB of free storage space? Bring together 30+ apps and get free storage everywhere to increase your free storage potential exponentially. All cloud services supported on MultCloud provide you advanced security and data safety options. Keep one cloud platform to save notes, another for homework and assignments, and a third one for collaborating with your friends.

Single management hub

You don’t have to keep tabs on each of the 30 cloud services separately. Combine them all together using MultCloud. Create sub-account access and manage them from a single platform. You can access all files on multiple clouds using a single log-in. Copy, paste, share, collaborate and store on any cloud with a few simple clicks.

You can schedule data transfer between multiple clouds. The process can be done without even having to switch your PC on. Just schedule a time and MultCloud will automatically do your work. You will receive email notifications for scheduled tasks.

Share better

Want to share assignments with a classmate or students? Simply create sub-accounts with varying permissions like “read,” “write,” and “all” and share data seamlessly with others. Create folders, share and collaborate with ease.

With MultCloud, you will never have to worry about running out of cloud space ever again. You get free storage and an advanced cloud management solution that makes your life a breeze.

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