Smart devices to save Money and Electricity in 2020

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Are you aware of how much money and energy you waste every month? You may even not realise, but a lot! Everyone is in possession of the so-called ‘vampire’ appliances at home, which consume energy, even when they are turned off. So, how can you protect yourself against them? The simplest method is to find the cheapest electricity rate. You can do that, seeking energy reviews online. But it is only one step to improve your domestic budget. To save more money and energy in 2020, you can also use different smart devices, which you probably even haven’t heard of.

Smart Thermostats

To minimise energy use and keep your home comfortable, instead of using a standard thermostat, choose a smart one. Why? Thanks to its scheduling temperature cycles and behavioural learning, this device allows you to take control of your heating and cooling energy use incomparably faster.

Home Energy Monitors

Another smart appliance, which shows you the general energy usage, sets energy budgets and displays all the energy costs in real-time is a home energy monitor. It also helps you recognise appliances which consume the most amount of energy and offers you some solutions for better energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Products

The simple, daily method to save energy is using fluorescent lightning or LED lamps instead of incandescent light bulbs. They may be a little bit more expensive, but they have a lifespan many times longer than their traditional counterparts. And they are energy efficiency products, which you are looking for.

As you can see, there are many smart devices available on the market that can help you save both money and energy. To find more about ways of killing the ‘vampire power’, take a closer look at this informative infographic:

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