Technology in Fighting Fires

Technology in Fighting Fires

House fires have been one of the most concerning and growing issues across many countries. Over the years this has caused a lot of property damage and in more devastating cases, it cost lives and damaged people. It takes very little time for a fire to start and ravish entire buildings and houses. There are several causes for a fire to take place. Mostly because most appliances that we use today, are flammable. Specially all the things like wooden floors, unchecked gas pipes, cooking equipment, faulty house wiring, flammable chemicals in factories etc. And the growing usage of plastic materials has increased the danger significantly.

Modern technology has also upgraded relatively to prevent fire from taking place. One of the most effective examples of such would be a wireless interconnected smoke detector, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, flame detectors and advanced chemical agents that help with handling the heated situations and get them under control. In case of a house fire, time is of the essence and a few extra seconds can make the difference between life and death. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for the worse just in case one has to face this kind of circumstances.

Wireless interconnected smoke detectors are one of the most advanced inventions of science to fight fires. These smoke detectors run on battery, interconnected wirelessly. This makes them more energy sufficient since they don’t consume any house electricity and are easy to install since there is no hassle of wiring. These detectors offer maximum coverage without any extra expenses. Not to mention these are using smart AI to detect fire with pinpoint accuracy giving the people more control over their house and more time in case a fire starts. Smart sounds can indicate the level of danger as well as it gives the user a lot of option to customize their wireless interconnected smoke detectors. A small price to pay to assure safety.

A fire-detecting sensor is another way to combat fires. The sensor is placed on the ceiling. It reacts to the extreme change in temperature of a room and triggers an alarm to let everyone know. Most of the sensors have multifunctional uses depending on the user’s requirements. However, they get the job done. Moreover, nowadays some advanced sensors can detect a quick change in temperature and smoke. As days go, these detectors are becoming cheaper and more reliant.

Fire extinguishers may seem like an old invention and it is true. However, with time these have also evolved. At first, they used to contain mostly water. But water proved inefficient over time. Now we use advanced chemical agents like foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide etc. These agents work differently and more efficiently than water by removing the oxygen in difficult situations. That is because depending on the category sometimes water may work as fuel rather than putting out the fire. Another benefit of these chemicals is that they get the work done with a small amount of usage and in a short time.

Sprinklers are also an effective way to fight a fire. Triggered by the smoke or heat they can spray entire buildings or floors with not only water but also advanced chemicals that help put out the fire.

Fire is a threat to both our environment, property and life itself. Our first intention should be to avoid such horrific sceneries. But if we have to face it, then it is best to be prepared for the worst. Because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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