Thinking of a Vacation Without Kids? Why You Should Go For It Guilt-Free?

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Just like a PCB designer, often, has divided opinions about the transmission line technology to be used while designing a printed circuit board; as a mom, you must have come across a common dilemma in life, which is, going for a kids-free vacation or not. In fact, if not from yourself, you must have heard from your mom-friends their statements about the guilt that they feel when they leave their kids behind while going for a vacation with their husbands.

The choice of using microstrip transmission line or the stripline transmission line for designing a printed circuit board; relies on a number of factors and a proper understanding of each is a must for making a correct choice. If a PCB designer has a well-researched blueprint in mind before actually designing a PCB; chances are there that he/ she won’t fall in a state of uncertainty about the transmission line technologies to be used. Similarly, if you plan your kids-free vacation carefully and well in advance; you won’t fall into the trap of perplexity and uncertainty. Let me tell you about why taking a kids-free break doesn’t make you a bad parent at all and you actually need it.

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  • Getting some Couple Time

When is the last time you spend quality time with your hubby after you got kids? Let me guess! You don’t remember. This is true also as your attention gets shifted to your kids. Moreover, if you are a working mother then already you are so much torn between kids and your work that you don’t get any time to spend with your spouse.

So taking a kids-free vacation is an ideal way to make the romantic memories that you have with your spouse; come alive again.

It is very easy to keep the children on top of your priority list but has you ever thought about that old spark which you shared with your hubby? Where is it gone? It has become a long-lost memory. So a kids-free vacation is a must to keep that romantic spark and the mutual soulful connection alive and shining.

  • Getting some Me Time

Going on a vacation is a bigger thing. But when is the last time you have gone for a night out or a party with your female friends after having kids? Never! You are stuck in your roles as a mother and a working professional. You keep on swinging between the two. Don’t you need to recharge your soul?

Leave alone a vacation; even a weekend or a day out with your friends can make you ready to take this world head-on once again.

  • Good for developing the problem-solving ability of your kids

You are always there to help your kids out. I don’t say it’s a bad thing. It is really good. But if you are helping them all the time then it will act as a hindrance to the development of your child’s problem-solving ability.

When you leave your kids behind for an extended period of time; on several occasions; they won’t have anybody around to help them out or nobody will be able to help the way you used to. So, at that time, your kid will run his/ her own brain and solve the issue on his/ her own. This might seem a small thing but it is an important factor in evolving your kid into an independent person.

So you must leave your guilt behind while going on a kid-free vacation. You can always have a video call with your kid if he/ she is old enough to do it on his/ her own, or the caretaker with whom you left your kid.  Taking a little break from the challenges which you face every day is not at all bad. Go ahead and enjoy your holiday.

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