4 Different Types of Writing Styles – How to Find Yours


If you want to improve your writing skills and grow as a writer, it is important to know about four kinds of writing styles or use these characteristics to develop your personal voice or opinion as a professional writer. If you learn to use different types of writing styles, you won’t just improve your ability as a writer, but will also learn different ways to connect with your readers and audience in a better way. When writing you have to be very careful about the words you choose and write without any grammar mistakes and this possible only if you use Grammarly for word. Once you download this software on your computer, you will come to know how effective this tool is.

You can also download Grammarly Premium for free. Check it now! In today’s post, we are covering the four main writing styles and learn how to use these styles as a writer and create compelling stories, books, poetry, essays, articles, and much more. There’re four main kinds of writing and they are: descriptive, expository, persuasive, and narrative. All these writing styles are used for some specific purpose or outcome. One single text might include one or more writing styles. Let us learn about this writing style in detail.

#1 Descriptive

Descriptive Writing

This type of writing generally goes a bit deeper. A descriptive type of writing will use many different writing elements or literary devices like similes and metaphors. The descriptive writing style is, as you might guess when an author describes something. A writer can be describing person, place, or object, descriptive writing will include plenty of details so the reader will get a complete and clear idea about what’s being written about.

Examples of Descriptive Writing

  • Poetry
  • Fiction passages describing something
  • Journals or diaries

#2 Expository

The expository writing style is generally long on the facts as well as short on the storytelling &literary flourishes. It will inform and instruct readers about the subject, but in the purest form, it will not change anyone’s perception or mind. If you are thinking Saturn has how many moons or which is the right time to plant tulips and how to cook masala curry, you are possibly likely searching for the expository piece of writing to get your answers. The business newspaper is one example of the expository writing style that has facts, information, and insight on the particular subject. It is very important to write incorrect grammar and for that, you have to download Grammarly Premium for free. So, here are a few examples of different kinds of writing pieces that will fall in this category of expository writing:

  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Newspaper or Magazine Articles
  • Self Help Books
  • How-To Books
  • Recipes and Cookbooks
  • Writing on Hobbies and Interests
  • Scientific Research
  • Instructional Guides
  • Textbooks and Educational Resources
  • Manuals
  • Medical Research, Articles and Journals
  • Business Articles and Books

#3 Persuasive

Persuasive style of writing is one that you can use in your academic papers. When the author writes in the persuasive style, they’re trying to convince their audience of any position or belief. The persuasive writing has the author’s views and biases, and reasons and justifications were given by an author as evidence of the rightness of their position. “Argumentative” essay that you write in your school must be in a persuasive writing style. When you are trying to persuade your reader to think in a certain way and do certain things, you will make use of persuasive writing for convincing them. Your main goal will be getting your reader to buy something you are selling, offer you a job, or acquaintance a job, or agree with your view on a certain topic. Make sure you use Grammarly for word and correct all errors in writing.

Examples of Persuasive Writing

  • Cover letters
  • Advertisements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Opinion articles or letters to the editor
  • Letter to politician
  • Reviews of books, movies, and restaurants.

#4 Narrative

The narrative writing style is generally used in every longer writing piece, no matter whether fiction and nonfiction. When the author writes in the narrative tone, they aren’t only trying to impart the right information, but are also trying to communicate and construct the story, complete with the characters, settings, and conflict.

Some Examples of the Narrative Writing Style

  • Novels or Novellas
  • Oral histories
  • Short Stories
  • Anecdotes
  • Poetry

Final Words

These are four different kinds of writing styles that are normally used. There’re many sub-forms of writing that might fall in those categories. So, a writer needs to know these styles to identify their purpose of writing and ensure it is something the audience would like to read.

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