Types Of Tracking Devices For Multiple Purposes

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Tracking devices are much required in today’s scenarios of thefts and misplacement. Apart from that there are multiple other uses of tracking devices which most of the high end companies use them for. With development in technology, there are multiple ways in which tracking can be done and some of them are described below.


RFID is the abbreviated form of Radio Frequency Identification system. This is a majorly used type of tracking device for people. These generally consist of a very tiny transistor kind of device that usually carries information in an encoded format. It also comes with an antenna which is used for the purpose of giving out and receiving signals. On receiving the signal, on a particular frequency, RFID makes use of that signal in order to respond in an encoded manner. This information is then used by a scanner to track or identify an item which is tagged. These are some of the most effective tracking devices for people.  Apart from that they are also used as anti-shoplifters.

Radio Tracking

This system is an addition to the general RFID approach of tracking devices. You just need to add a power source which will eventually lead to increase in the range in which the signals usually travel. They are often referred to as active trackers that can respond to very wide band scanning signals. They also come with a feature to go off periodically in the case of long term tracking purposes. This type of tracker is used in the field of science for tracking animals being experimented. This type of tracking system is often easy to use and set up and is therefore, quite popular in the industry of tracking devices.

Cell Phone Triangulation  

Cell Phone triangulation is a developed approach towards tracking devices. This system is enabled in some mobile phones that do not even comes with a GPS tracking system. This serves the basis of cell phone tracking or anti-theft cell phones that are promised by different mobile phone companies. This is often used in high end agencies that require tracking of their employees or in places where the entire works need to be monitored. These systems are very helpful for locating people that go off track and end up in an unfamiliar location. In that situations, giving a call at 911 makes a contact with the service provider which will identify the tower which is the closest to you. They will further proceed by matching the signal with your phone’s signal and will locate you. Although, this is a very effective way to track people but is not very effective in urban scenarios where there are multiple disturbances due to echoes and other clutter.

GPS And Satellite Tracking  

GPS and satellite tracking is yet another very effective yet a very basic approach to tracking. This is the most accurate approach towards the tracking systems. A GPs receiver generally makes use of the satellites that are placed overhead of the individuals for tracking the location.

These are the few most effective type of tracking systems that have actually proved themselves to be useful. All of the above mentioned tracking devices for people have been used multiple times and have been proved to be successful.

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