How To Upgrade Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 For Free?

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Despite the delay in the date of Battle Pass 2022, since September, Dota 2 players already have their virtual pass, with which many surprises have arrived. In it, they can find options for all tastes, including new features released in the game for the first time, two arcana, and two persona items.

As is tradition, the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass comes out with a level 1 starting price, as follows below:

  • Level 1 Bundle: $9.99
  • Level 50 Bundle: $29.35
  • Level 100 Bundle: $44.99

That said, extra levels can be purchased separately to increase the Battle Pass and access more exclusive rewards. With that in mind, here are all the prices you can get for extra tiers:

  • 5 more levels: $2.49
  • 10 more levels: $4.99
  • 15 more levels: $9.99

However, if you decide to purchase the Battle Pass but don’t plan to upgrade its levels for real money, this guide is definitely for you. More guides and tips on Dota 2 betting can be found at Below, we will analyze all the achievements of BP in numbers that allow you to pump up your virtual pass for free.

Higher Level – More Rewards

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As it can’t be otherwise: most of the best rewards of the International Battle Pass 2022 start at higher levels. Here are what you can unlock by upgrading your tier:

  • Level 148: a person for Crystal Maiden.
  • Level 176: special towers in the form of lobsters.
  • Level 223: a prestigious set for Primal Beast.
  • Level 296: a person for Phantom “Exile Unveiled” Assassin.
  • Level 383: an arcana on Razor
  • Level 495: an arcana on Faceless Void, the most desired reward.

Once you know all these rewards, it is time to see the options on how to obtain additional Battle Pass points without donating real cash.

How to Get Battle Pass Bonus Points for Free?

Owners of the Battle Pass 2022 to TI11 have the opportunity to regularly receive bonus levels. Below are more than enough sources for that.

Weekly Tasks

The entire Battle Pass 2022 lasts 19 weeks, and 15 out of which players can earn 3,000 points. The remaining four weeks include “Special Battle Chests”, from which owners may receive from 1 to 32,000 points. The reward is given randomly and does not depend on the current Battle Pass tier. Special Battle Chests will be given in the first, fourth, tenth, and twelfth weeks, respectively.

As for the other weeks, six tasks are issued to players, such as to play 3/8/15 games or kill 2/8/15 enemy heroes by coming out of invisibility. Each task has three stages to accomplish, with one star given for each stage. When players reach 3/8/15 these stars, they will get a thousand points for each stage. In total, BP owners can earn 45,000 points or upgrade up to 45 levels during 15 weeks.

Weekly Promotion

By playing games, BP owners can already get additional Battle Pass points. Each victory will bring 200 Compendium points, while defeat will give 100 bonus points. You can get up to 2,000 points in this way weekly. Thus, for the entire duration of the Battle Pass, which is 19 weeks, you will be able to earn 38,000 or upgrade up to 38 levels.


As in the previous Battle Passes, there is the “Catacombs” mode, where for playing with certain heroes you make your way to items for heroes and receive it absolutely free. In this regard, you can receive 53 rewards of 250 bonus points and nine special bonus chests of 2000 points in each. In total, 32 Battle Pass tiers can be obtained from the beloved catacombs.


For appetizers before The International 11 event, players can also create a fantasy Dota 2 team. If it shows a successful performance in fantasy, Valve will give 16,000 bonus points or 16 Battle Pass levels. The details about the fantasy TI11 game will become available closer to the main championship itself.


The second part of the Battle Pass, which will be released on November 3, will surely bring some great content and bonuses for players to enjoy in the form of points or levels. Finally, several levels of the BP can be easily obtained by those who correctly predict tournament events.

A Final Word

By following all the aforementioned sources, you can upgrade your virtual pass up to the 150th tier minimum without any donation. In this regard, it is worth considering whether it makes sense to obtain points by completing these tasks. Anyway, we recommend you try and then see how you like the process.

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