Mobile Casinos: Then And Now – Know the Difference!


Online casinos played through a mobile phone is no longer a new concept. Simply open your smartphones application store and do a search for “online casino” and you will see countless games available for you to download.

With the best casino apps now playable through your mobile device–be it running on iOS or on Android–it is interesting to take a look back at how mobile casino games were back then, and how far it had gone from its beginnings to where it is now.


One fun fact worth mentioning is that there had been casino games for mobile devices since way before the whole concept of an online casino was introduced. How is that, you ask? Way back before smartphones were introduced, most mobile devices run on Java or Symbian. While they are not like what we have right now, these systems have games, too. There are actually a lot of developed games for these systems, including casino games like poker, blackjack, or slots. However, the concept of betting and winning real money was not there yet back then.

It is worth noting that when people first got introduced to the world of online casinos, the only platform that anyone can play on is a computer. After all, there were no smartphones as we know them right now back then. However, when Apple first introduced the iOS operating system, and Google introduced its Android open-source operating system, things started to change for the world of online casino gaming.

As more and more apps get developed in both operating systems, and people learn to improve developed games and apps more and more, online casinos start to do their work in eventually building their app as well, both for the iOS and the Android systems. Nowadays, most online casinos, if not all of them, offer their services on both devices–they have a desktop website and they have an Android or iOS mobile app that you can download, too. Additionally, online casino websites are now also configured and optimized to work and load better for mobile devices. This is for people who still prefer to go to the website of the online casino through their mobile devices.

Quality of games

The quality of games has changed drastically over the past few years, too. If one would take a look back at the games–console and handled games in general–for the past ten years and compare them to what we have now, almost everyone can notice and pinpoint major improvements on a lot of aspects. These include better graphics, better gameplay, better game interface, and better loading times, among others.

The same is true for mobile casino games. When the first online casinos started out, the games then were pretty simple, straightforward, and did not have too much graphics to it–only the necessary one. Now, with better technology and better equipment available, even mobile casino games enjoy better graphics, high definition display, better interface, and smoother gameplay and loading times.

There have been more online casino games developers that have developed successful games, too. In the US, most online casino games were developed by companies such as Rival Gaming, Real-time Gaming and Betsoft Gaming. In other countries, the top-rated online casino game developers include NetEnt Casino Software, PlayTech Casino Software, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, and many more.

Final thoughts

While mobile casino gaming had already gone a long way from its humble beginnings years ago, it is safe to say that it has even barely scratched the surface. As technology continues to grow, and games continue to go to a higher level, one can only expect better, bigger, and more advanced mobile casino gaming apps in the future.

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