Why Do Online Businesses Require Proxy Servers?

Proxy Servers

Ensuring the safety of your online business is in your hand. You can do it by embracing Proxy Servers. If you think these are not meant for you, then you are mistaken. Beyond the circumference of unblocking contents blocked by certain countries, these are also quite beneficial for the safety of your start-ups.

Drive through the write-up to learn more about Proxy Servers, their types, and importance.

What is a Proxy Server?

Technically, a proxy server is a mediator between the source from where the information is requested by the client and the client itself. It plays a crucial role as it has an IP address of its own. It examines the requests and connects you to the user after evaluation. According to, it is more of a “middleman machine”. It avoids making a direct connection to the webpage you are trying to connect. This way the webserver is unable to notice your real IP address apart from other important information.

Are there different types of Proxy Servers?

Depending upon the use and the infrastructure of your business, Proxy Servers could be of many types. These are:

Reverse Proxy – This ensures that you access a server in a network that is safe. This is quite versatile and is able to execute other works, such as load sharing proxy, decryption in addition to caching.

Tunneling Proxy – This is one that is not so versatile but offers you a gateway. This means it helps you in receiving requests and other responses in an unchanged way.

Forwarding Proxy – This is one of the most interesting proxy servers available online. It allows you to surf the internet without declaring your identity.

Residential Proxy – This is just like any other simple proxy server. It moves the request of a user to the source and then brings back the response. The major difference between this and any other normal proxy is the fact that here IP address is from a regular service provider of the internet.

Why opt for Proxy Servers?

There are many who think investing in Proxy Servers is a waste of time and money. It is assumed that business entities do not need to hide their identity. So, why use a Proxy Server for online businesses. Here are some of the points that will compel you to think differently. These are:

Security Purpose

Security is not only indispensable for entities like banks, but also for other businesses. The growing threat of hackers is on a rise with every passing day. Your information is getting compromised effortlessly. To ensure that all your data and other important information remain safe online, then you must choose Proxy Servers.

Helps to monitor data flow

Another interesting feature of proxy is that it allows you to encrypt data. It offers you access to administer the flow of data. If you use a content filtering proxy then it helps in identifying users.


Running an online business requires something more than an analysis of profit and loss. You have to ensure the overall security of your business as well. That is why it is in your interest to opt for Proxy Servers.

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