When To Leave The Table In Blackjack?

When To Leave The Table In Blackjack?

When playing the blackjack game, there is absolutely no particular appropriate time to consider leaving the blackjack table, unless you have overstayed your welcome and you are being advised to actually try playing another game entirely.

Most people only consider leaving the blackjack table when they notice that either the dealer or any other player is cheating during the game. Aside from these, you can then decide to leave the table on your own. However, below are some suggestions on when to leave the table during a blackjack game:

Leave When All Your Cash Has Been Lost

When To Leave The Table In Blackjack?

When this happens, you are basically left with little or no choice, and by doing this regularly, the casino will admire you. However, this can be considered the worst-case scenario that can actually occur, and this should not be your only determinant for leaving the game.

Still, you should rather leave when you have lost your budgeted bankroll for that particular session, as the phrase “all your cash” may contain all your valuables, credit cards, and return ticket. Therefore, endeavor not to allow yourself to reach this level before leaving the table.

Normally, a punter is expected to visit a casino table with a particular amount of money budgeted to spend for each session. It is very essential to take note that you should try as much as possible to only gamble with the amount of money you can actually afford to lose.

If you are considering deviating from the budgeted amount for a particular session, it is advisable to leave the game for a while to chill out and calm down rather than go back to your pocket to borrow from other sessions’ budgets.

Leave When You Hit A Losing Streak

After experiencing a series of losses during the game, it might be best to consider leaving the blackjack table, as continuing in the game can lead to frustration, thereby resulting in more losses.

Without a certain positive expectation of a win after counting your cards, a streak of losses may be really annoying, and this annoyance can lead to punters making wrong decisions and getting sloppy, thereby leading to continuously losing even after it should have ended.

However, it is advisable to consider leaving the table after consecutively losing four different games. As it adds a feeling of objectivity, having four losses can be really wild. A run of four losses is too short a run, only to discover that you are walking away from the majority of the tables within a short period of time.

Leave When You Have Doubled Your Money

The ability to leave the table after doubling your money when playing blackjack is quite essential, as you do not want to be too greedy. A punter who is quite conversant and makes use of the perfect blackjack strategy can sometimes pull it off.

If you decide to bet $25 on a $1000 bankroll, it will take about 4000 hands before you can end up doubling your money, and it will take you a whole day of solid work with no break and no sleep.

If you are lucky enough to double your money in an hour or two, it would be a nice idea to come to a stop and enjoy your earnings.

Leave When You Have Spent A Particular Amount of Time

Setting a particular amount of time for a gambling session is one of the most appropriate and practicable ways of playing games. Mostly, during these sessions, your bankroll will at some point go up and, at other times, come down. You would have a few losing streaks and some winning streaks too, and with proper playing they would most likely balance up.

When playing a gaming session, there is absolutely no particular set time, but with enough gaming experience, you will be able to gauge your endurance much better. Without minding how you feel after ending a session, ensure to end it. If you are getting the urge to continue, walk away from it all the same. However, try to increase the interval for future games, as it would become quite difficult to measure your stamina precisely during the heat of the game.

Leave When You Start Making Unnecessary Mistakes

Making undue mistakes during the heat of the game is not something you wish for. You do not have to wait until you start making mistakes before you leave the table; rather, you should make sure to leave the table before you start making those mistakes at all.

Endeavor to keep in mind that regardless of whether you are winning the game or losing, whether your bankroll is still good or not, once you notice that your game is becoming sloppy, know that it is high time you left the table. If you decide not to leave, you will most likely regret it as things will only get worse.


It is necessary to know and be aware of the right to actually leave the table during a blackjack game. Play online blackjack at Bovada and try the tips we mentioned.

Following the suggestions listed above, you would be sure to be on the good side of the table at the end of the day with either enough wins or no debt.

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