Which AI Sales Assistant Is Right For My Business: Exceed.ai or Conversica?

Which AI Sales Assistant Is Right For My Business

Growing businesses are often faced with a challenge to create efficient lead qualification processes. Connecting and meeting with leads is one thing, but it is often not scalable since many businesses don’t have the ability to hire numerous sales reps to handle the conversations. To solve these problems, Exceed.ai and Conversica have introduced AI sales assistants into the market.

AI sales assistants were created in order to help businesses implement effective lead qualification processes. They help sales and marketing teams handle initial conversations with prospects, qualify them with questions, and schedule meetings with live reps when they’ve been qualified. If your sales and marketing teams are spending most of their time gauging interest and scheduling meetings manually, you may be losing many potential leads. AI sales assistants can help automate repetitive and mundane tasks so that your employees can focus on more impactful tasks.

We will compare Exceed.ai and Conversica, the two industry leaders for AI sales assistants, and analyze each of their functionalities. Learning about the capabilities and limitations of the two products will allow you to see which one will best serve your business.

Which AI Sales Assistant Is Right For My Business

What Are They Capable Of Doing?

Exceed.ai and Conversica are considered to be AI-powered email assistants, and both utilize machine learning to constantly collect data and make adjustments accordingly. They both employ natural language processing, allowing them to respond like an actual human rep. They calibrate and refine their approaches as they collect more data, and are able to ask qualifying questions to leads in order to see if they should be passed onto sales reps. A recent study showed that 55% of businesses that use chatbots generate more high-quality leads.

Website Chatbot and SMS

Many businesses have implemented website chatbots, which has many benefits. Customers can receive 24/7 support, and have their questions answered promptly without waiting for a live rep to get back to them. 68% of consumers have stated that they like chatbots because they’re able to provide quick answers. While Exceed.ai and Conversica both offer website chatbots and SMS capabilities, the flexibility of the two website chatbots are distinct.

Conversica’s chatbot engages with prospects by using traditional button options or preset text. From the consumer’s perspective, they feel like they’re being guided to a desired action, rather than having a natural conversation. Exceed.ai’s chatbot engages with prospects with more of a natural language. It is able to carry on conversations as if it was a live sales rep, ask questions to determine if leads should be considered qualified, and schedule meetings for leads who seem promising. Customers like engaging with Exceed.ai’s chatbot because they don’t feel like they’re speaking to a rigid robot. Employees like working with Exceed.ai’s chatbot because it can integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and take away much of the monotonous work that they had to do before.

Improve Your Closing Rates With Automated Scheduling and Seamless Handoff

Ultimately, what the business cares about most is getting the qualified lead to convert on the product or service being offered. In order to increase your closing rates, you need a tool that could provide a seamless transition from the AI sales assistant to your sales team. With Exceed.ai’s built-in scheduling tools, your team can sit back and focus on speaking with qualified leads while meetings are automatically added to their schedules for them. Conversica does offer the possibility of scheduling and handing off to sales teams; they require integration with third-party tools. This could be confusing for the leads and troublesome for sales and marketing teams, as they’d have to learn to navigate new tools.

Do Your Customers Want Customized Emails?

While some businesses may not find the need for customized emails, many have seen the positive effects of personalization. A study found that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Another found that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates. When compared to personalized emails, generic emails will definitely gain less attention and clicks. Businesses need to make an effort to know their customers and their needs if they want them to pay attention and buy their offerings.

If you believe your business does not need much personalization, Conversica may be sufficient for you. It has limited options for customization and gives you access to standard email templates.

If you have data on your leads and you want to create personalized emails for them, Exceed.ai is a powerful tool that will allow you to do so. Not only does it allow you to fully customize email copy, it also gives you the ability to ask clarifying questions to qualify leads, implement custom playbooks, and smoothly connect with the chatbot. Want to set a reminder to send an email if a lead is out of town and unreachable at the moment? Exceed’s tool can help you do it easily.

Final Comment

Both Exceed.ai and Conversica offer AI conversational tools to help businesses improve their lead qualification processes. With this guide, you can better decide which one will help you meet your business goals.

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