Why is IVR Still Important in Call Centers?

Call Centers

Call centers are interested in implementing various tools and programs to make their daily operations more efficient. The interactive voice response system is a tool that is definitely worthy of attention. In this article, we will figure out what IVR stands for, what the difficulties of setting this menu are, and include a couple of hints on how to make a flawless IVR menu that will bring your call center loyal customers.

What exactly is IVR?

Interactive voice response is the system of automated actions that are performed when a caller chooses an appropriate number on the phone. The choice may be performed either manually or by a voice command.

Typically, companies opt for implementing an IVR menu when they have a constant flow of inbound calls and the queries can easily be automated. On the other hand, an IVR menu adds greatly to the image of a huge enterprise with hundreds of clients. From the first interaction, such a company appears trustworthy.

Call Centers

An IVR menu is also beneficial to call centers. Callers select the department they wish to talk to themselves, shortening the transfer periods. Also, agents know what requests they will deal with, and the stress levels are lowered. Besides, with the inbound calls grouped according to the call center clients, it is easy to arrange work schedules for the staff. Multilingual IVR menus are a good solution for huge call centers with international staff.

However, a well-designed IVR menu is not easy to develop. The most common issues caused by poor IVR are the following:

  • Unclear instructions: callers get confused if they do not understand which key to press.
  • Absence of a call-back: some people prefer personal conversations. If there is no such option, you risk losing a major chunk of your leads.
  • Long response time: speed is one condition of a positive customer experience. The faster a query is dealt with, the better it is for the reputation of a call center.
  • Irritating on-hold music: sometimes callers have to wait for the call transfer if it’s a challenging issue to deal with. Make sure the music is soothing.

Tips for creating a perfect IVR

#1 Prototype.

Design an IVR menu and test it. Ask for feedback from the callers. Think of an incentive for them to share their impressions with you. You may offer a unique IVR for each client of your call center services, which will be an excellent USP of your business and will put you in the top position among competitors.

#2 Short and clear options.

First, options should be described before actions, so the caller does not forget which key to press. Second, make your instructions succinct and precise. Your instructions should avoid ambiguity.

#3 Multilingual greetings.

If your call center receives calls from several countries, make sure you include a short greeting in each language. It will show you care about the customers and add to the positive feedback. Happy clients are easier to convert.

#4 Live consultation.

There will always be a caller who misses or fails to understand which key to press. Include the option for them to speak with a specialist. Besides, the lines can be busy, taking more time for callers. Offer them the option of a call-back. It will ensure their satisfaction and the agents’ lack of stress. Besides, your clients will not lose leads.

#5 Comfy on-hold.

Think of the best piece of music for the waiting time. It should not be hyped because those songs are rather unpleasant when heard several times a day. Some unobtrusive classics will be a perfect option.

Call tracking systems offer IVR software, among other features. Therefore, call centers can enhance their capabilities with dynamic number insertion, call recordings, and real-life case studies for training new staff. All those features used in complex bring call centers to higher conversion rates and guarantee the increase of the clientele.

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