10 Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Marketing With Your Social Media

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Social media is an excellent platform to increase reach. You have created your app, now it is time to market it. Marketing increases the number of installers of an app.

According to statistics, Google Play Store has 2.87 million apps. So, how will you ensure your app gets downloaded by the user?

Is the user aware of your app? Does the user know the significance of your app? Here comes the role of marketing your app on social media.

Even a great app requires an effective social media marketing strategy. Social media is one of the easy and cheap ways. On this platform, you have to be creative.

10 ways to increase your mobile app marketing with your social are mentioned below:

  1. Paid Ads
  2. User-Generated Content Like Reviews
  3. optimization
  4. Contest
  5. partnership
  6. Facebook Community
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Quora
  9. Instagram
  10. Influencer Marketing

#1 Paid Ads

People are spending a good amount of time on social media. You can use this as an opportunity for marketing your app on different platforms.

Get in touch with mobile app developers, they will let you know different techniques and help with marketing your app.

Make an attractive title and connect it to the user. Post your ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Your advertising content should be catchy enough to make people look at the ad and click on it. The paid advertising method is very efficient if you want your users to acknowledge your app.

#2 User-Generated Content Like Reviews

This is another effective method to build trust in the customer. You can ask for a review from the users in the form of short videos describing the app.

You can display these videos on different platforms. When the customer reviews the app, social media users are more likely to trust it.

Make sure your app adds value to their life in any form. Once customers find it beneficial they will stick to your app.

Reviews are by past users so it persuades people in a more beneficial way. According to research, 90% of customers listen to peer recommendations.

Make sure that reviews describe your app and the reviewer is happy with your service. Mobile app development companies are better with tactics.

#3 Optimization

Optimization of your app makes the user find your app easily when they search for it. Make sure that the keywords that you are using are the most searched keywords regarding your app. You can connect to app developers, they have better optimizing skills.

#4 Contest

You can create a contest regarding your app at regular intervals. You can also give away small gifts to winners.

This will increase the number of participants and hence more number of people will know your app. Contact a mobile application development company for the effective marketing of your app.

#5 Partnership

Partnership with another app will allow you to increase the reach of your app. Customers of a partner app will also know about your app.

Make sure your content is effective and targeted to the user. This will attract them to install your app as well.

Mobile app development companies know the skills and techniques better. They will help you to increase the marketing of your app.

#6 Facebook Community

As per data, 2.5 million users log in to Facebook on a monthly basis. Facebook provides a platform to connect to your user and describe your app.

You can create a page on Facebook in context to your app. Enable the comment section. This will help you to get your potential customers.

They may have many questions regarding your app. Be prominent, specific, and informative with your answers.

Satisfy the quest of your customer and they will definitely install your app. It is a regular interactive platform.

#7 Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to send emails to all your email addresses. Email carries information about apps.

Ensure that your email clearly and effectively describes the usefulness of your app. Content should depict how it gives solutions to their problem.

This will compel the user to click on your link and install the app. Email marketing is one of the beneficial ways to increase your mobile app marketing.

You can search for mobile application development companies. They have experts to grow marketing of your app.

#8 Quora

Quora is one of the leading and useful media to serve your purpose. On this platform, you can search for questions related to your app.

Write effective, solution-focused, and reader-friendly content. This will drive more viewers to your content.

Give the link and information about your app at the end. If the reader is satisfied with your solution to their problem they will happily click on the link to know more.

Good content will result in more number of upvotes. If your answer gets popular, it will have more readers and hence more people will click the link and know your app.

#9 Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. You can effectively use Instagram to promote your app and drive users.

You can create a post about your app. The post should be catchy and informative. It should attract users.

You can also make a video about your app. The video should tell people about the app and how it adds value to them, and how they can benefit from the app.

Make sure your video and post reach more number of social media users. Social media app development services are proficient with the tricks of marketing. You can connect to them and increase the marketing of your app.

#10 Influencer Marketing

You can contact small influencers with around 10k followers. They have followers who stick around.

You can contact them and ask them to promote your app. Make sure the image or the video you are providing attracts the viewer.


Here we have discussed different ways to increase marketing of your app through social media. Social media is a vast platform with billions of users.

Look for social media app development services, they have experts to help you accomplish your target.

You can use your creativity and techniques to make use of these platforms. Good content and luring advertising definitely attracts users. You can use social media as a weapon to significantly increase the number of users.

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