4 Devops Open-source Testing Tools For Software Development


DevOps/QA analytics and testing tools come in handy when you need to measure the performance of your solution before and after implementing improvements. In this article, we’ll present our four favourite open-source tools for DevOps consulting services specialists.

Let’s start with a short explanation of what DevOps consulting services actually provide. Development and operations’ main goal is to make systems development life cycle as short as possible while still maintaining high quality in the big picture perspective. DevOps services improve communication between teams, making the strict division between software developers and system administrators obsolete.

In order to achieve all this, DevOps specialists monitor the product from its early stages of creation, hence why they can make their decision based on reliable data gathered from every corner of the project. Of course, they have the tools to make their job much easier. In this article, we’ll describe five of them.

#1 Prometheus

An open-source monitoring solution. You can compare it to drone flying over an app to see the full picture. You can check what scripts/libraries are used (and to what extend), look for certain areas that lac code optimisation and spot them precisely. What is more, Prometheus provides you with a very useful alert if any traffic-related problems occur so you can take care of them immediately.

#2 Artillery

This tool offers two versions – free and open-source from Artillery community or the professional edition for business. It allows you to perform load testing and functional testing. It’s great to make your product performance flawless under big demand. In other words, you can learn how much load your app can handle before and after optimisation. It allows fast access to your progress which is helpful when you need to show it to interested parties (clients, shareholders, etc.)

#3 Behat

Stability of applications is one of the most important areas of interest od DevOps specialists. In order to improve it, we recommend Behat – open-source framework. Thanks to this tool you’ll be able to test the stability of your product by introducing functional testing. The introduction to this tool couldn’t be easier and the engaged community keeps Behat up-to-date.

#4 Kakunin

Last but not least, the open-source framework for test automation and writing end-to-end (E2E) testing scenarios. It works with all frameworks, it’s super easy to install and run with its predefined steps. However, it’s also great for more demanding users, as you can fully configure your scenarios.  If your product’s original testing coverage is not so good, try automated testing with Kakunin.

Of course, this list is not ultimate. Github is full of other solutions well-received by the DevOps community. Bottom line is – DevOps consulting services become an important factor in creating amazing software and it’s not advisable to ignore it!

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