5 Best Hotel Invoice Template in 2021


Invoicing is an important part of business processes but sometimes, it becomes very expensive especially for small businesses to maintain an invoicing system. If you want to make a strong presence in your industry or improve your brand by enhancing customer experience, invoicing, though at times costly, has to be a part of your plan. If you are running a small business, you can avoid the invoicing cost by creating invoices from a pool of free hotel invoice templates at WeInvoice. 

Invoice templates are very helpful in that they reduce the invoicing workload, thus allowing you more time to invest in growing your business, converting leads, and enhancing good relationships with the already existing customers

Format By Which Hotel Invoices Templates comes in

Hotel invoice templates are downloadable in major formats such as docs, Docx and PDF. This makes it easy for them to be sent and accessed by the various clients regardless of the document format that they may prefer. In addition, the docs format helps you as a business to customize the template into an invoice that suits your business. 

Uses of Hotel Invoices Templates

Invoice templates help you create and share invoices with your clients within minutes. Compared to creating an invoice from scratch, using a template is fast and efficient as all you need to do is customize an already existing design. 

You can therefore create an invoice as you wait for your date to arrive, or as you ride on a bus or taxi, or even on your spare few minutes break at work.

This improves your cash flow, which helps in budgeting since you are certain of the amount of money you are working with for a certain budgeting period. Also, by tracking the payment behavior of your clients, you are able to make projections of when you could possibly receive your payments. WeInvoice has the best invoice templates for 2021. 

WeInvoice hotel invoice template

With the WeInvoice hotel invoice template, you are able to make your customers’ experience memorable. You do this by breaking down their spending and making it easy for them to understand what they spent their money on. 

WeInvoice allows you to create as many branded invoices as you may require without incurring any costs.

Word invoice

Microsoft word is one of the most popular word processing programs. The word invoice templates come with so many features designed to enhance your invoicing process. You can play with the design and layout, color schemes, and the fonts of the invoices to make them as appealing as possible. 

Wave Hotel Invoice Templates

Wave understands that as a hotel owner, you may be so focused on creating an unforgettable experience for your customers thus having little or no time left for bookkeeping and invoicing. 

To make it easier for you, they have availed a variety of hotel invoice template designs that you can choose from. They are available in word, excel, PDF, Google docs, and google sheets. 

Invoice2go Hotel Invoice Template

Invoice2go offers a variety of hotel invoice templates and a full range of accounting tools. They have different subscription packages, with the basic one limiting the number of invoices you can produce to 200. To get the best experience with Invoice2go, you will need to invest some money into it. 

Invoice Ninja Hotel Invoice Template

This is a great invoicing option for people who are new in the hotel industry and other small hotel businesses. It is a great budget invoicing tool. You can create and customize your invoices in minutes using the invoice Ninja hotel invoice template.

Finally, for all your invoicing needs and for a great variety of hotel invoice templates, WeInvoice is by far the best option available in the market. 


Invoice templates make it easier to file taxes and verify tax claims. The templates are designed in a clear straightforward format, allowing you to easily trace the taxes.

Some templates also clearly indicate the amount of tax charged on a certain item invoiced. This makes it easy for the client to understand their tax obligation as well as get a clear breakdown of what has been invoiced. 

Invoice templates are excellent for budget planning and finance projections. While using these templates, you are able to send out invoices faster to your clients, thus making your payments come in faster. 

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