5 Best Steps for Creating Effective Landing Page

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Looking for ways regarding creating a landing page? It is important to note that creating a professional and well-structured landing page is a very challenging task for those who are not having coding or web design skills.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend time in learning codes, search for design expert, and develop a website from scratch. You must know that there are many DIY option options available that can help you create a landing page.

A landing page is best when you are planning to communicate a specific and unique selling proposition (USP). Some of the specific purpose are listed below:

Lead generation: Create landing page for lead generation. Get more leads for your mailing list utilizing lead contact forms and magnets.

Segmentation: A majority of the companies are using landing pages for specific discounts, campaigns, and specific audience segment. This will allow you to develop unique landing pages that can be indexed and linked.

Wondering, how to create landing page? To help you out, below are the steps to create effective landing pages:

#1 Outline Your Landing Page Goal

It is better to set the goal of your landing page because this will determine the requirements of the design and functionality of your website. If you are having any doubt, then you should hire website design agency to get a clear idea of your goal set. The competent crew will help you to design your website better with all the necessary elements for your business.

The most important goals are listed below:

Increasing Brand Awareness: Note that there are a great number of viral landing pages that users are sharing on social media. These pages are organically driving a lot of traffic for their businesses.

Providing Basic Information About Business: Your landing page will be an online business card that provides “About us” information with contact details as well.

Generating leads: Gathering your visitors’ information via contact forms that visitors fill for requesting your services.

Increasing Email List: You should collect contacts with a landing page because this will act as a “lead magnet.”

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#2 Selecting Proper Landing Page Builder

For your information, there is a variety of website builder that will help you to create essential pieces with great ease. You should select some of the best landing page builders. Some of the examples are Leadpages, Weblium, Instapage, and Squarespace.

When you are going to select the landing page, then you should keep the following things in your mind:

User-friendliness: The landing page should be having visual website editor and well-designed templates for different business niches. Your pages should be to all the platforms like tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

Security: Your website builder should be having a reliable hosting and provide SSL-certificates along with backups of your website.

Customization Capabilities: Pre-made block will not be effective here. In this scenario, you will have to create custom website sections or you have to add your HTML code. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the price plans as well.

You should make the selection of website builder carefully. You may pick single page website builder according to your own requirements.

#3 Pick the Right URL

The URL of your website is important, just like the name of your newborn baby. Below are the tips to select the right SEO-friendly URL:

  • You should carefully pick the domain zone.
  • You need to check twice before buying the things.
  • Your URL should be short.
  • Select an easy name and have positive associations.

#4 Picking Up the Design of Your Landing Page

Next, the selection of your landing page design is one of the important steps to consider. Note that:

  • 65% of the people are visual learners and the designing of your page is having a great impact on how the visitors will interact with your website.
  • 2.6 seconds is sufficient time for making the first impression of your page. Remember that it should be well-structured and linked with the objective of your campaign

Remember that you should adopt landing page best design practices. When you are looking for the templates, you should pay attention to the quality of design, variety of landing page sections that contain information of the company, call to actions, forms and testimonials.

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You should be looking at the below things:

  • Ensure that your landing page is having a consistent style.
  • There should be attractive forms and buttons. You should check them properly for grabbing the visitor’s element.
  • The information should be placed logically. This will include information about us, the main message, call to action button and forms.
  • Keep the landing page design cost in your mind.

It is important to note that an old-fashioned design will not benefit you. For preventing this, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep your design minimal because this increases your speed and keep your website functional.
  • Add geometrical shapes to grab your visitors and deliver the right message.
  • By embedding unique images, you will add value and identity to your brand.
  • Animations and video content will make landing pages more appealing and will explain how the service will work.
  • Live chats will improve clients’ satisfaction and this will allow you to respond to their queries in real-time.
  • Add contrast CTA buttons for attention and this will enable the visitors to grab the attention.

#5 Apply Analytics Tracking

You need to add analytics tools like Heap and Google Analytics for tracking the effectiveness of your landing page. It is important to note that analytics tools are best for the landing pages for tracking the metrics:

  • The number of new and returning visitors.
  • Percentage of conversion.
  • The acquisition channels that work best for attracting visitors towards the landing page.
  • The region of your visitors.

Without any doubt, this information will help you to optimize the landing page and increasing the conversion.


These were the five best ways to build your website landing page. However, if you are not having sufficient time for creating your landing page, then website builders will be the best option.

Still facing problems in designing your landing page? You should avail the best website design services to make your website attractive and functional for your website by hiring the best company near you.

Ali Shahzad is a Content Marketer at TopNotch Innovative Technologies, a Boston web design agency. One of the most amazing things about him is his ability to stay updated with market trends and develop informative reads. You can follow him on Twitter.

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