5 Strategies On How To Increase The Traffic In Your Website Quickly


Are you an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or someone selling crafts from home? You certainly cannot afford the brick and mortar model, yet, can you? What you can do, however, is to create a website. A website is essential to establish your digital footprint and let others know what product or service you’re selling.

Once you have a website up and running, the next step is traffic. Now, there are innumerable ways to get traffic through paid traffic methods. As a budding entrepreneur, you shouldn’t be spending a large chunk of your budget on paid promotions. An alternative is to pursue organic traffic, where you pull the user towards your website through organic traffic driving strategies.

Here are 5 strategies you can adopt to increase traffic on your website:

#1 Implement Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re competing in the hub of Los Angeles, you’d need a good Los Angeles SEO Firm to help you draft an SEO strategy that would best suit and work for your business.

SEO is perhaps the most crucial technique to drive traffic towards the website – if you need more eyeballs scrolling through your products or services, you need a proper SEO technique.

How exactly does SEO work? SEO increases the visibility of your online business and helps you achieve top rankings on multiple search engines.

Contrary to popular opinion, SEO is not only used to generate traffic. But, the ultimate objective is also to create leads that turn into customers.

#2 Create Amazing Content

Content is certainly king. If you’re pursuing any traffic-driving strategy, whether organic or paid, it’s worthless until you have fantastic content. If you’re successful in engaging a potential reader or customer on your website, you need a catchy headline or an attractive excerpt to make them revisit your site.

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Amazing content works both ways: if someone is interested in your content, they’ll share it for you. Your users, which are also your potential customers, are promoting your content out of their own free will, which sounds good for your business.

#3 Get Social

If you’re done with your website and have optimized it for SEO, your search engine rankings will improve gradually. However, you still need a secondary source for driving traffic. This is when social media kicks in. Essentially, start sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, in no particular order.

Each social media post can lead to a plethora of new readers from different backgrounds. When potential customers share your content on their social media handles, it automatically leads to higher traffic.

Social media helps you to directly engage with your customers, start answering their questions on twitter or Quora for that matter. Make sure your answers are relevant to the problem because promoting your content on Quora, for instance, might backfire.

#4 Make Video Tutorials on YouTube

When it comes to driving traffic towards your website, there’s another essential medium that you you must consider, that is, YouTube. Now, what happens is marketers, and even consumers, approach YouTube differently. There’s this perception that YouTube is a separate world. No, it is not. You can drive up to thousands of visitors from YouTube channel to your website. And yes, you don’t need millions of subscribers to do that.

It depends on your content. Say you sell books, and every once in a while, you post a book review on your YouTube channel. Use it as a sales funnel to direct your viewers towards your website.

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Make sure the video tutorials are short, crisp, and have something valuable for the user. YouTube is another great medium to interact, too – if someone posts a query in the comment section, reply with the appropriate link from your website.

#5 Utilize Email Marketing

Start sending bulk emails to your subscribers but at the right time with appropriate content. Now, when you’re sending an email, make sure to follow a protocol.

In the beginning, introduce yourself, send an introductory email, and make sure the recipient knows about your business. Once you’re satisfied with their awareness levels, start pitching in, make them consider your products. A single email can lead them to your website, and once they land, make sure they look around.

While tracking your performance, you can get an idea about how often your subscribers will visit before and after you send out an email.

Emails allow you to connect directly with your customers. This can be done by sending out a personalized email with a discounted offer, make the customers feel valued, and add an attractive call to action button for them to click on.

Implement These Strategies Today!

Now that you’ve learned the most important strategies to drive traffic, it’s time to implement them and see the results. Remember, consistency and commitment are the keys here. If you remain consistent in your efforts, you’ll likely reap results sooner than you think.

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