About Us

TechLogitic is a tech news blog which help readers to grow their online business. Some of our articles like How to grow your sales on Instagram Stories? will help you grow your shopify sales and make your store earn more money.

I was working on my shopify store and then all of a sudden I was wondering how about we share some knowledge to the world? You see that’s how TechLogitic was born. Some of my friends decided to start with a new store and each one invest 25% of the amount. In total, we are a group of 4 people who invested $2000 in this DIY store.

Speaking of the investment we started to earn good amount of profit after 3th month of launching the store.  So we thought of sharing some of the experiments we process while scaling our online DIY store.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us from here or mail us at contact@techlogitic.net/mrunmay@techlogitic.net.