5 Handy Tips to Choose the Most Suitable Website Theme

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Having a website is becoming a necessity for any business if it is to expect growth by getting greater volumes of business. Web designers are also experiencing a boom in their careers. If you are also considering hiring a web design company in Mumbai, make sure that you communicate your brief very well to them. It is not because they do not know their job, but because it can get confusing to choose the right theme from the so many pre-built ones available. Once the theme is selected, the rest tends to fall in place.

A theme for a website covers the overall appearance of the website, which is composed of colour scheme, fonts, layout and style. It has to essentially communicate the personality of your brand to the consumer. But remember, looks are not everything. Your website design company in Mumbai will need to put in a lot of hard work to ensure the smooth functioning of the website as well. The following web design tips should make it easier for you to take the first step and decide on the perfect theme for your website.


Ensure Simplicity

Flashy websites are no longer the trend and simple and minimalistic websites have taken over. Layers of fanciness have now been replaced with flat designs. A simple website puts the message in clear sight and helps the consumer to understand you better. Crowded websites are confusing and the very important call-to-action buttons get lost in there. So, choose a theme that is simple and will appeal to your target consumer. Another advantage of a simple theme is the higher loading speed of the website, which works to minimise the bounce rate of a website.

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Availability of Support from the Developer

Once you have downloaded a theme, it will need to be updated to keep up with changes on the platform that you choose. The developer must be able to provide the same to keep your theme intact. When choosing your theme, pay special attention to the developer details, update history and the ratings and reviews. If a theme has many updates, it indicates the proactiveness of the developer to make it better and more compatible with the latest scenario in web design and its requirements. Once the updates stop coming in, it could indicate the time to build a new website.

Mobile Device Compatibility

The themes that are available these days are designed to be responsive and provide a great user experience on the devices. This is very important as the majority of browsing activity has started shifting from desktops and laptops to these handheld devices. Now, you not only need a responsive theme but need one that has been created with the mobile platforms in mind. If you need to have an effective SEO plan, your website will need to pass the hurdles that have been set up by Google at various stages. Before making the final decision on the theme, you can test it on different types of devices to ensure that it is responsive and compatible with all.

Apps, Plugins and Extensions Included

Once you choose your theme, there is still lots to be done to make it unique with your customisations. You will need to add several features to make it appealing for your visitors to encourage them to get converted from a lead to a source of revenue. For this, you would need plugins, apps or extensions depending on the platform you choose for hosting your website. Most plugins and extensions are simple to install and use, even without any knowledge of coding.

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You will also need to be smart when choosing the platform most suitable for your business needs. A service-oriented business would do well to go with WordPress for its strong blog feature. For an eCommerce business, Shopify would be the best platform.

Compatibility Across Browsers

It is not enough to check whether the theme works suitably across different devices. You also must ensure that it is able to adjust itself to the variety of browsers used by consumers. This is an important feature that you must look for. If a browser does not display the theme properly, it would mean losing out on all those customers who use that particular browser as primary. The checks will have to be extensive as you will need to check each browser on each type of device before you can be sure of its cross-browser compatibility.

Once the theme has passed all the tests, your website design company in mumbai can move on to the next steps. As they work with the website, they would need to perform similar checks on their work as well to ensure that compatibility of the final website has not been compromised at any stage. Once the final product is ready, it must talk to the consumers as a brand.

Ipshita Shekhawat works as a Digital Marketing Analyst in a reputed digital marketing company, Techmagnate. In her spare, she loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. She’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing.