5 Tools that Can Replace Essay Writing Services


The finals are closing in and as a student, the pressure is mounting with various essays and research papers to complete. One question comes to mind – how a person can make it easier to write a perfect essay? Of course, there are many essay writing services; however it is much better to use good writing tools to build on one’s writing skills. Among them are Ginger, Hemingway, Diigo, Scrivener and Ommwriter.


Ginger is quite a versatile tool; it helps correct mistakes as one types their text. This means that, as one types away their ideas, Ginger is highlighting all the mistakes such as punctuations, style and sentence structure. These are crucial elements of a professional paper especially with regard to enhancing language skills. Students can also check for meaning of various vocabularies, check for misused words, subject verb agreement and contextual spelling. As such, it can be considered as a personal trainer, helping students become better in their language skills and boosting their confidence. It also boosts productivity as it offers the students, means to rephrase sentences, find contextual synonyms and translations, helping students work faster and efficiently while improving language skills.


Hemingway is a trusted application that helps the students to grade their essays on the level of readability. It helps with guiding writers make their sentences much easier to read and understand. By establishing the hardest sentences to read, students can be in a position to modify their paper to match the quality expected for their level. More importantly, there this is a tool that assists with establishing where passive voice has been used. This is crucial for students as it streamlines the structure of the sentences and readability element in the paper.


Diigo on the other hand, is also a very handful tool. When writing an essay, one has to first collect various ideas that they want to include in the content. It is imperative that the ideas are organized in a manner that points to the objective of the paper and in a manner that allows the readers to connect with the content. It is for this reason that Diigo makes for a perfect tool, as it helps annotate, highlight and organize articles from where the ideas are sourced. The tool also offers a way to add it on the toolbar by adding the diigolet. From this tool one can then highlight and annotate as they get material online through their browser. Everything that is highlighted or annotated is saved automatically making it easier to access later when writing the essay.


Scrivener is a tool that can be considered to be for the hardcore writers. It helps with organizing thoughts and can be used when writing an academic paper or simply creating manuscripts for creative pieces. The student is able to map out their research and more importantly, there are several areas that allow the student to write notes so as to piece together the various ideas and organize the essay content. It is however important to note that, this is a paid service, the company does however, offer discounts to students. More importantly, this is a very subtle investment for a student and will go a long way into polishing writing skills especially with the ability to organize ideas and articulate objectives of the papers to their readers.


More often than not, as a writer, one will want to have that uninterrupted space where they let their creative juices ooze. Just being able to get on with writing an essay within a private space is a haven. Ommwriter is an application that offers that kind of space to writers. The writer is, in this case, offered a number of backgrounds and even music to go with the writing environment and mood. For writers who are constantly distracted by the blank Word document, Ommwriter offers a place where they can easily get lost in their ideas as they piece them together. It is quite fulfilling for a writer to have a chance to concentrate and develop their ideas through creative abilities without the normal distractions that take away the connected nature of their thought processes. With such a space, it is easy for the writers to bring out the very best of their creative abilities. The application is not for sale, however, the company asks for a small donation before downloading. This is a rather small price to pay considering the impact that the application has on the writing process. It is also important to note that the application is available on various platforms, for the convenience of use.


Writing is a complex process but it can be made much easier, where the writer has tools to help them along the way. More importantly, the above tools are easily accessible and can be used on various platforms. In a digital age, where writers are able to pen their ideas from anywhere they are, it is important that tools available meet the threshold of this level of flexibility and productivity. The above mentioned tools are bound to change the ability and skills of writers as they express their ideas in essays and research reports.

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