8 Tips for Printing Great Stickers From Home


Sticker printing is fascinating. In addition to printing them in printing houses, you can also do them yourself – on a regular printer and at home. Printing stickers at home can save you a lot of money.

You can always determine the number of stickers based on what you need them for, which is impossible when printing stickers in printing houses. However, the job can be done by the best printer for stickers.

Before you decide to print stickers at home, there are a few tips you can pay attention to. To make your stickers look their best.

Get Quality Sticker Paper

Before you even decide to print stickers, you need to choose good paper. The paper must be just right due to the various complications that occur if the paper isn’t up to par. The printer will spread colors on the paper, and your sticker will look like a regular stain.

Therefore, the paper must be of good quality and designated for stickers. You will need waterproof paper and can be loaded into your printer. These are usually vinyl or plastic papers. The back of the paper is made to be adhesive.

Create Unique Design

You must create a sticker design before you can start printing. If you don’t already have a ready design or some choice of stickers you want to print, then make it yourself. After all, that’s the most exciting part when printing stickers.

There are various programs where you can make sketches and final products of your stickers. Photoshop or PowerPoint is one of many. Here you’ll be able to design an image and write some text.

Examine Colors

When it comes to colors and cartridges for printers, there’s a vast palette that sometimes you can’t choose. Explore different colors and see which ones are used for the background and which for the design of the stickers and letters.

Don’t overdo it with colors that can make your sticker blurry. These are mostly vibrant colors. Such colors are not placed as a background for stickers. Also, keep in mind that you do not lose color during printing. Get enough cartridges before you start printing.

Sticker Paper Must Be Undamaged

When you pick up the sticker paper before loading it in the printer, check it. It’s important because the material from which the sticker paper is made is thicker than plain paper. Any crease or unevenness can ruin the sticker.

It’s also important to check the paper’s edges, which must not be bent in any way, as the paper may get stuck in the printer. Try not to put more paper at once because sticker papers are generally thicker than regular papers.

Test the First Paper

When you finally make a design, set up the printer, and start printing, let the first paper be your test. Pay attention to the final product at the end of printing so that you can correct all the minor mistakes and see where you have failed.

Sticker papers are a bit more expensive than regular ones. Before you start printing on sticker papers, check the final look of the design and product on plain paper. If you need to correct the design several times before printing, repeat the test on plain paper each time until you are sure of the final design.

Choose a Longer-Lasting Material

Keep in mind that not all stickers you print will be affixed to products that will not be exposed to rain or intense sunlight. For your stickers to last longer and not fade or peel off quickly, the material and colors you use must be of good quality.

To make your stickers more permanent, choose wisely and with quality.

Patiently Let the Stickers Dry

We all can’t wait to try the cake we just made. Sometimes it still has to be put in the fridge before cutting the first piece so that it doesn’t fall apart and make our effort simply gone. Unlike plain paper and ink that is spent on text or an image, printing stickers is a little more complicated to dry.

A little more paint is applied to the stickers, and then it takes longer for that paint to dry completely. When you take out the printed paper, place it on a flat surface, and patiently let the ink dry nicely.

Final Cut

When your sticker is printed and dry, we come to the final, and perhaps the most exciting part. Your sticker will be ready to use as soon as you cut it. If you have a paper cutter, then this is the best option for cutting ready-made stickers.

If you do not own this item, it will be enough to have a pair of sharp scissors. Lastly, just find a place for your sticker, remove the back foil, and your sticker is ready to be attached.


Printing stickers at home can be such fun. After all, why not decorate your room with various colorful stickers that will bring joy and color to your life. Maybe go for a motivational message, whatever you like, because you’ll make and print them yourself.

We hope these tips have been helpful and good luck.

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