A guide to farming and skills of a Magician with a specialization in Arcane Magic

A guide to farming and skills of a Magician with a specialization in Arcane Magic

Mage is one of the brightest and most interesting classes for PVP and farming. A magical character is dependent on mana and does not have strong physical defense, but has a powerful magical attack, which can only be blocked by strong jewelry and power-ups. In fact, the magician dies as quickly as he destroys the targets.

For a magician to be effective, he must have a good weapon to deal magic attacks and critical skill attacks. Armor for magical classes – robe, will help speed up the time of casting spells, increase the overall mana and physical defense of the character.

To provide the character with everything you need, you need to have a lot of gold and here are the ways to get it:

  1. Follow the link – https://skycoach.gg/wow-wotlk-boost/gold and order the required amount of gold to secure the character and receive it with a guarantee of anonymity and exchange security. The deal is disguised as a real interaction between the players, so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.
  1. Complete story and secondary quests – such tasks are planned by the developers in such a way as to gradually replenish the character’s purse with gold, starting weapons and armor, initial jewelry and consumable potions and bandages. Keep a close eye on the side quest rewards offered before accepting – the reward could be experience, gold, or useless trinkets not worth wasting your time on.
  1. Master the profession system – World of Warcraft has gathering and craft professions. In total, you can choose only two to study. For gold, you can take two collective ones – then you can collect materials and sell them to artisans for profit. You can take a combination of gathering and crafting and then you can make equipment and weapons for yourself, or for sale. A mage can use tailoring to create magical armor and inscription, or jewelery to create staves, or orbs as weapons.
  1. Master fishing and cooking – these are secondary professions that do not occupy the corresponding slots. Fishing will help you get fish for pumping culinary arts, from time to time you will come across fish that is unsuitable for food – it is ground into reagents and is needed by inscribers, such fish can be sold for gold. Cooking can be upgraded for caught fish and will allow you to increase the main characteristics of the character for a certain time. Many groups turn to chefs before going on raids to greatly increase their pre-combat stats and increase their chances of success.

Master fishing and cooking

Essential Skills for a Mage with the Arcane Specialization

Protective spells

Ring of Ice – Deals damage to all enemies within a radius of 8 meters with the power of ice, slows enemies and does not require a target to cast a spell.

Mana Shield is a defensive spell that converts all damage taken into mana instead of health. An effective spell to get out of the primary strike, or destroy the target. The magician cannot withstand direct physical damage for a long time – this will lead to the complete depletion of his mana and he will be useless in battle and die. It is important to understand that the skill is used and the magician must either destroy the target or escape from the blow.

Protection from frost magic – casts a spell that significantly increases resistance to cold and ice.

Protection from fire magic – casts a spell that significantly increases resistance to fire and burns.

Surge of Strength – Restores 60% of your total mana, can be cast every 4 minutes.

Blink – Teleports the mage 20 meters forward and removes all negative effects that slow or block movement. The skill removes the stun effect, which can be used in battle.

Target Control Spells

Transformation – turns the enemy into a turtle, which wanders aimlessly around, unable to attack, but receives a bonus to health and mana regeneration. Any damage an opponent takes while in this state will dispel the effect of the spell.

Antimagic is a countermeasure that causes the opponent to stop casting any spells for 4 seconds.

Slowdown – imposes a strong negative effect that slows down the enemy’s movement speed, increases the bowstring time when shooting and the time for casting all spells by 15 seconds. Can only be cast on one target.

Spellstealer – allows you to steal any positive spell of magical origin from the enemy and apply it on yourself.


Attack and buff spells

Arcane Power – Significantly increases the overall power of all spells by increasing the mana cost.

Icy Blood – speeds up the time of casting spells.

Presence of Mind – Spells that take less than 10 seconds to cast can be cast instantly.

Arcane Blast – deals strong arcane damage, each subsequent re-cast of the spell will increase mana consumption, but also increase overall damage, a 4th level effect can be accumulated.

Barrage Arrows – With a 20% chance, after casting Arcane Blast, all arrow spells will be cast with a lower cooldown and much faster and at almost no mana cost.

Arcane Missiles – attack the enemy and inflict total damage with arcane magic.

Arcane Barrage – Inflicts several arrows in a row on the enemy with the power of arcane magic.

All arcane spells have an increased mana cost, so try to always regenerate mana whenever possible. In battle, you can give a full procast once before the end of mana.

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