The Growth of Online Cricket Betting Apps in India


With three centuries of existence, cricket has long been a popular sport in India. Indians grow up playing the sport and get in love with it, so much so that they desire to watch the majority of the matches. And you know what else comes with watching a game you enjoy? You can bet on it! There’s an obvious high that comes from knowing you have money on the line – they want to watch the game just to feel the adrenaline surge take over your body. But is it only the thrill of cricket betting that makes it popular in India?

Before you go and check out 10CRIC cricket betting app there are some interesting things you might find cool to know.

Is cricket betting the same as gambling? It’s not that simple

While many people associate cricket betting with gambling, this is not the case. The Indian law distinguishes sports betting from other types of gambling since the former involves an element of skill, whilst the latter is susceptible to pure chance.


Even though cricket betting is generally banned in India, there is no specific rule that prevents Indian nationals from doing so. However, there is a slight catch. Cricket bets may only be placed online in India, not in person. In India, there are no federal regulations prohibiting internet gambling. Each state can choose whether or not to impose laws on it. Only a few Indian states have passed legislation prohibiting internet gambling.

Online and fantasy betting: the key to the popularity

Cricket betting services have gained popularity in recent years as more individuals use them. There is a plethora of Fantasy applications or Fantasy sites for cricket betting that are sprouting up like weeds. These websites are designed specifically for Indian clients. The majority of these cricket betting sites are user-friendly, with simple payment choices and quick withdrawal times.

To entice clients, several of these betting platforms provide an enticing welcome bonus and frequent bonuses to their loyal customer base. These cricket betting companies provide a 24/7 customer support service to assure confidence and transparency. They also provide live betting on matches, making the betting procedure more entertaining. Cricket betting may be a lot of fun, but one must be careful not to become hooked. In a word, if legalized, internet cricket betting has the potential to eliminate offline betting and the dangers that come with it.

While it is known that cricket betting via Fantasy applications may be a nice source of enjoyment for fans, it is critical to distinguish it from traditional betting apps. The primary distinction between the two is that Fantasy applications allow competition between several players, whereas a traditional betting app is a platform where the user (better) competes against the bookmaker (sports betting). Before considering cricket betting, it is critical to understand this distinction before diving into the wide ocean of betting.

The future of cricket betting apps in India

With the increase in the popularity of online sports betting in general, not just for cricket, it is just a matter of time until the Indian government considers regulating the business. Online betting is still illegal in the nation today. Only a few states, like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, have made it plain that internet gambling is prohibited within their borders.

According to the statistics, a prohibition is not deterring locals from betting. After all, both Telangana and Karnataka have a sizable online gambling industry. This just indicates that many people are still betting illegally, which is dangerous. We can only hope that the national government would put something in place to ensure that Indian gamblers are safeguarded.


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