All You Need to Know About the CCNP ENCOR Exam

In networking, a relatively new certification, CCNP Enterprise Certification, is necessary and lets you prove your skillset. CCNP Enterprise Certification comprises two exams, a core exam followed by a concentrated exam that enables you to specialize in the field of your liking. There are no formal eligibility criteria announced for the CCNP Enterprise Certification. However, an ample amount of knowledge about the topics included in your exam is necessary.

What is Cisco CCNP ENCOR Exam?

The Cisco CCNP ENCOR Exam is the primary or core exam of the CCNP Enterprise Certification. It is also the written exam that you have to take to qualify for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. It will help in assessing the applicant’s knowledge about the application of core enterprise network technologies. 

What is the Syllabus For the Exam?

In the Cisco CCNP Enterprise core encor 350-401 Exam, you have to cover the following topics:-

  • It would help if you had a good grip on Enterprise architecture
  • You will also learn about virtualization concepts
  • Furthermore, infrastructure technologies are part of the syllabus too
  • You also need to have enough knowledge in network management
  • The exam will also include network security, network automation, etc.

What is the Marks Distribution in the Cisco CCNP ENCOR Exam?

The marks distribution per topic is, but is not limited to the following:-

  • Architecture: 15 percent
  • Virtualization: 10 percent
  • Infrastructure: 30 percent
  • Network Assurance: 10 percent
  • Security: 20 percent
  • Automation: 15 percent

All other exams in this certification have their distribution. You can further check out for more info.

What is the Duration of the Test?

The Cisco CCNP ENCOR Exam is a 120-minute exam and has around 100 questions you need to answer. Furthermore, the exam has multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and even scenario-based questions. 

How Much Does the Test Cost?

The test costs around 400 US dollars and is valid for three years. It may seem like a lot for a single exam, but it pays off later. According to the latest research, the average annual pay for a CCNP in the United States is 113,901 US dollars, this adds up to around ten grand a month, with Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz topping the list of the highest paying cities. Hence, it makes the costs worth it, and the hard work that goes into studying for it is also worth the time and effort.

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