Beautify every selfies with online photo editing tool Fotor

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Picture editing has become a fundamental part of digital photography lately. Whether you have a simple and easy-to-use camera or an advanced camera, you can often discover some useful ways to edit photos to improve the creative side.

Great pictures convey great messages to the viewer, and overall we should look at the images with the utmost admiration. For example, enhancing and modifying wedding photos is one of the most popular and widespread uses of right photo editing methods.  It’s as well crucial in editing pictures for your site and your ads. To make your photos look even more energetic and elegant, use the one tap enhance in this online tool.

Finding out how to edit picture online can be exciting. And once you have familiarized yourself with some of the incredible features and the possible results of enhancing your photos, you will likely love to be familiar with them until the end. Here’s part of the basic photo editing methods that you may need to start with to view the magic in your images.

Change brightness and contrast.

Editing the brightness and contrast of a picture is probably the most popular modification that many people need in their images. If you have an opaque or overexposed photo, you can fix this with the Fotor editor. You can utilize the feature on brightness and contrast and manually change them separately to get the ideal result. In this photo editor tool, you can as well use the Auto Level or Level option to change the brightness and contrast at any time and have better control over the modifications.

Modifying the color and saturation.

If you fancy changing the colors of your photo fresher and brighter, try editing the intensity and saturation of your image. Expanding the immersion of your picture makes the colors stronger. You can as well modify your photos into black and white by editing the saturation to zero. You can examine with this tool to aid you in achieving the ideal sharpness of shading and transforming the blurred image into a more magnificent one.

Blurring some parts of your photos.

Polishing and blurring are valuable strategies that change photography to bring attention to your image or give the standard wedding image a fantastic effect. If you need a perfect photo in a magazine that makes your face appear soft and captivating, you can utilize blurring and sharpening tools. If you are in love with online tools, you can use the Filter menu and then choose some blurring features like the Gaussian blur. They are known when modifying images, and the motion blur, if you want to edit your picture of a moving object and many different types of blurring.

Modification or deleting backgrounds.

You can effectively change or edit the background of your images. In Fotor, it includes making layers and creating Layer masks.  No doubt, you’ll find some excellent guides to help you go through the procedure.

Cloning Methods

Cloning enables you to delete unwanted elements or breaks in your photo. If you need to eliminate your dull spots and imperfections on your face in your close-up photo, you can as well utilize the cloning feature to aid you to copy the shading or smoothness of your skin.


Photo retouching is related to enhancing the quality of the photo to a higher level. Without much stretching, you can modify an old picture to make it look up to date. All you have to do is find the right features and find the best ways to engage. Often photos may be affected due to age and other environmental conditions. Your pictures may wear and tear after a while. They can also look faded or worn. In every situation, such images can be updated and also converted into avant-garde pictures.


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