Benefits of being single on Valentine or things singles should do on Valentine’s

Valentine’s is a great deal for couple’s but for single people, it’s a series of memories.Time stops and all you remember are the good times you had with your ex. You see the happy couples around and feel good for them but bad for yourself.And loneliness creeps in.You feel like you can’t be as happy as you were.All you need is to feel love and care for the person you miss.There is a void in your heart that needs to be filled.A space that needs to be utilized. Let me tell you, you are not alone. And this day could turn out to be better than you imagine.

things to do on valentines

Firstly remind yourself what did you learn from that relationship and how did it help you grow. Appreciate yourself for how far you have come and appreciated the giving nature of yours.

List the things you have wanted and want from your partner and give all that to yourself.There is nothing that you can’t give to yourself may it be a hug or attention.You, my dear, are worthy of love and generous enough to give it to yourself and others.

Valentine’s day is supposed to be spent with your loved one and doesn’t forget “You yourself are one if your loved ones”.Now it’s time for a little shift to make in your thought is-Think about the present, the beauty of now, how the things around you make you feel.

Things you can do on Valentines Day-

Go on a date with yourself.
1.Order your favorite food and let your heart sing with joy
2.Dance till you sweat and no need to care who’s watching.
3.Travel somewhere far and breath love, exhale hate
4.If you have single friends, annoy them to death as you include them in your plans
5.Go on a giving spree, distribute gifts to beggars on street or visit an orphanage.
6.Valentines can also be celebrated by giving your family and friends gifts and time.
7.Post things like I saved 200$ in Valentine’s week by being single.
8.Spend that 200$ in gifting yourself things that are in your Amazon shopping cart.
9.Go get a massage or haircut.
10.Make time for your dreams or hobbies.

Feel free to add more to do things in comments and check it off your bucket list.

Sounds good? So there is a difference between loneliness and being alone.Even in a relationship or marriage after the initial high wears off, you are on your own.Build a life in which you are happy first and then let others enjoy the journey with you.