Best Casino Games to Balance Risk and Reward


Casinos in different countries around the world get different reactions from the residents and the governments. Some countries are very happy that they have the option to play the games and enjoy the thrill of risking real money. And other countries don’t condone gambling on any level.

Ireland happens to be a very gambling-friendly country thanks to proper regulation and the availability of reputed casino brands. But when it comes to casino games, there will always be the element of risk. It’s a give and take situation, at the very least.

But there are some games that can help you balance the risks and rewards better than the others. It has everything to do with how you approach the payouts of the game at a new casino or an old casino. Check out the best new casinos using this link before you get started.

What are Payouts at New Casino Online Ireland and How Are They Calculated?

According to most modern regulations, you can readily access the payout information for individual games. If you can’t, you can file disputes against the casino. The more reputed the casino you’re going for, the more transparency you can expect.

When you click on a game at new casino online Ireland, there should be a section where you can access all the information. The ones you’re particularly looking for are the RTP and the house edge. These 2 are directly related to the final payouts of the games.

So, before we move any further, let’s check out these 2 characteristics of casino games.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is mostly associated with online slots although it’s not exclusive to these games at all. All casino games, whether it’s RNG or live dealer, are going to have an RTPs. It stands for return to player.

It’s basically a theoretical rendition of how much you can win from the game. It’s a percentage derived from millions of rounds of the game. So, if you believe that a 96% RTP game is going to return 96% of your bets all the time, you’re believing wrong.

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You may or may not ever reach the RTP rating. Or, you might go over the rating at any time. The RTP is there because the license requires an operator to display the average payout of the game.

House Edge

In most definitions, the house edge is defined as a mathematical advantage for the house. The house, in this case, is the casino you’re playing at. House edge is the opposite of RTP. So, a 96% RTP title has a 4% house edge.

The thing with house edge is that it’s constant. It’s true for a new mobile casino as well as with other operators. Although you have no guarantee of winning equivalent to the rated RTP, the casino has the assurance that they get their cut.

As you can see, it ultimately comes down to how you choose your games to manage the balance between the risk and the rewards.

For the most part, going for high RTP games is the ideal way to go about it. Because in the long run, you can expect to get back the promised RTP. No one knows how long it may take but it’s very possible.

The Odds of Winning in Games

After you’re done with the RTP and house edge debacle, you should look into the odds of the bets. Some games have better odds than others if you maintain a certain betting pattern.

When following this strategy, you need to discard slots right away. It’s because the probability of winning a bet is unknown in these games. Table games, both RNG and live dealers are better contenders to balance risks and rewards.

So, let’s take a look at a few games to understand what we mean exactly.

Online/Live Dealer Roulette

In roulette, there are 2 different sets of bets. The inside bets and the outside bets. You place inside bets on combinations of numbers on the table. You can include anywhere between 1 and 6 numbers in a single bet. Needless to say, the payout is going to vary based on how many numbers you choose.

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Now, there are 36 numbers on the table and a 0 on top. So, a total of 37 entries. For American Roulette, it’s 38. The odds of 6/37 or 6/38 are not very good in terms of risk management.

The other category of roulette bets is the outside bets. You basically put your money on what colour number will win, whether it’ll be an even number or an odd number, to which 12 it belongs to, and so on. All of these bets have only 2 outcomes. Either your win or you lose. It effectively brings your odds of winning up to 50%!

As you can see, playing roulette with outside bets only is a great way to balance risks and rewards.

Online/Live Blackjack

Blackjack is another very commonly played casino game at both online and offline casinos in Ireland. It’s often considered a game of skill rather than a game of luck. This is also the reason why many countries don’t allow gambling but let the players play Blackjack.

Apparently, the odds for you to win in Blackjack is 49%. As players in the same lobby play against the dealer, the odds of winning are equal for both parties. The house gets only a 1% advantage over the players.

As there is an element of skill involved, you can master the basic strategies first to check to cover all of your grounds. The more you play, the better you’re going to get at the game. And the better you get, the more you expect to win.

Online/Live Craps

The last game we want you to try for better risk management is craps. Although it’s often considered the most complex casino game of our time, it has very favourable odds for the players. According to most experts, it’s almost 50%.

You might know about the shooter in the game. It’s the player who throws the dice on the table. The first roll is known as the “coming out”. As a spectator and a player, you can bet on the pass line for the best winning odds. You’re either right or wrong. There’s nothing more to it.

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