Valorant Agent Fade Guide: Tips or Tricks For Playing Fade in Valorant

Valorant Agent Fade Guide

Due to the release of new agent Fade, many players are interested in playing Fade in the matches of Valorant. Although hers abilities are not difficult to use in the matches, you also need to know how to cooperate with your partners thorough her abilities. Then, when you know some tips or tricks for playing fade from this article, you will win more matches in Valorant. You can buy Cheap Valorant Account with Skins to experience more agents with beautiful skins in the matches.

Valorant Agent Fade Guide

Don’t Rush Suddenly

Before playing Valorant, you need to know some facts about the types of agents in the game. There are four types of agents in Valorant, such as duelists, controllers, sentinels, and initiators. Fade, as an initiator, her abilities specialize in collecting information for her teammates about enemy locations, and then blindsiding and pinning foes in these locations.

With the guidance, Fade can’t rush suddenly on attack but to sit back. She can use the abilities to find out where enemies are, and offer the team an advantage as they begin to move in on a site. That’s a good tactic for Fade in Valorant.

Cooperate With A Controller On Defense

If you want to make good performance on defense, you had better cooperate with a controller when playing Fade. Her abilities are not helpful when defending a site. As holding on a site with the abilities of a controller, she can often use smokes to step back an enemy, it is devastating for Fade’s abilities in the game.

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Her seize ability will defend and pin down enemies who are advancing a site, while it is difficult for fade to predict the position of enemies on defense. So, it is essential for players to cooperate with a controller on defense.

Holding The Spike

It is a useful choice for Fade to hold the spike in the matches. Among many agents in Valorant, especially controllers, they can not deal with the spike casually. Fade could be the useful candidate.

Her seize ability can delay enemies from getting the spike and defusing, and her blind ability is useful in this specific situation where she knows the right direction of enemies approaching. Along with her ult ability, Nightfall, it can make difficult for enemies to advance on a site while carrying the bomb.

Narrow Sight of Prowler Ability

Fade’s “C” ability is the Prowler. As activated, Fade will release a creature of smoke that will move in a straight line, and chase down enemies with short range. While, you should know that the Prowler’s angle of sight is definitely low.

So, you need use the prowlers in confined spaces, narrow corridors and tunnels as much as possible. On the contrary, using the prowler in a wide space will decrease the chances of contacting and blinding enemies. You had better master this skill as early as possible.

Limited Range of Nightfall

Fade’s ultimate ability Nightfall also have limited range in the match. You can easily cover a whole site if you use it nearby, and it is the best timing to activate this ability. When you are going to clear out a site, defend a spike, or defend the site from enemies coming from other directions, it is the right chances to use this ability.

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You can use the Nightfall ability to deafen, decay and mark enemies on the map, even destroy an entire team in an incredible way. Although it is not easy to familiar with this powerful ultimate ability in the beginning of playing Fade, you can try to experiment them in more matches and use them to win more matches in Valorant.

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