Changes Coming to the Crypto Market?

Changes Coming to the Crypto Market?

Even now crypto remains as one of the more popular areas of tech to follow as big changes keep coming in – with bitcoin hitting a high price of $61,000 this past weekend there’s are definitely moving forward still too. As the use of crypto becomes more widespread a mainstream too with big names like Tesla stating they’re ready to adapt the use of crypto for payment, and favourite games as some of the biggest gambling sites for instance have started to rely on crypto as a unique form of payment separating them from land-based services too – and with big bonuses like these PA Lottery Bonus Code attracting players to these services, they’re growing quickly – but the big changes coming are from hardware adjustments and newer markets developing.

The biggest news recently has certainly come with a new market becoming available through NFT’s – quickly coming into the public eye with the sale of the Beeple art piece for $69 million and big artists like Kings of Leon moving to the NFT approach for their new album, it could signal a big change in the digital art space in particular. Acting as a sort of collector’s wallet, it is all a little confusing even if you have been following on and do fully understand what the market is for, but there are many who expect changes will come quickly as consumers figure out exactly what the market is and where the biggest benefits are. It has certainly got off to a great start though and being part of the Ethereum blockchain it’s certainly part of one of the more reliable names in crypto.

Other news buzzing around the Ethereum space comes with hardware – notably in the Nvidia GPU’s that were supposed to limit mining hash rates in an effort to have a bigger impact on the rather volatile market in itself. It was recently announced that Nvidia would be updating the drivers on the newest 3060 card to limit mining hash rates specifically for Ethereum, whilst there were some that were hopeful, many instead saw this as a bit of a PR move, and with some being able to bypass the driver update rather quickly to restore normal rates, and with the newest driver update removing the limiter all together which a PR release would state as an accident certainly has some concerned as it is something so easily turned on and off again. With newer hardware releases lined up specifically aimed at this market though, many will  be waiting to see where the performance/price overlap is and whether a change is worth making, but given that could still be a while off yet it looks like there will be no change to the newest cards which have already found supply issues as the scalping and bot purchasing of huge numbers continues to dry the market for the enthusiasts looking to buy one for their own personal use.

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