Different Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy


People nowadays spend a significant amount of time on their mobile phones in comparison to yesteryears. Hence one of the most important parts of marketing online will be to have a significant presence in the digital world. Digital marketing provides vast opportunities like strong bonding with the audience, reaching the potential customers, promoting business growth, generating leads and is also affordable.

The field of digital marketing is vast, and it helps to marketize services or products with the help of the online channels. There are several components which make a digital marketing strategy effective, but before that, you need to have essential things like content, social media account, online tool, newsletter, infographics, company logos, e-books, brochures, and many more.

Components of Digital Marketing

#1 Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of digital marketing. SEO is used for boosting the online search result ranking by implementing strategies. According to statistics, it has been concluded that 75% of online searchers will only look for their result on the first page. If the website fails to land on Google’s first page, then the chances are high that it won’t reach your target audience.

To optimize the blog or website, proper keywords should be used to reach the target audience. SEO is related to optimization, and it demands patience. For optimizing the website, the website page speed needs to get increased, and the navigation should be user-friendly. One needs to understand that Search Engine Optimization strategies should be valid for a long time. For effective SEO, one can opt for digital marketing agency Auckland.

#2 Pay per Click (PPC)

To establish an organic ranking with the search engine optimization, pay per click advertising strategies will be a great tool. People who are looking forward to boosting their website rank rapidly should use pay per click advertising as it is going to drive qualified leads to the website and is affordable as well.

The best aspect of this strategy is you will have to pay for the ads which the audience is clicking. Pay-per-click advertisement helps you to target the audience based on location, demographics, device etc.

#3 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a valuable component of digital marketing. It helps a brand to connect with their potential and current customers. One can develop a strong relationship with their audience through social media marketing. If a person is having questions related to the service or product of your company, then they will connect through the social media handle of the company and ask about the queries.

Social Media Marketing will help to get an insight into the customer’s opinions and thoughts regarding the brand, product, industry, services and even the other competitors. If you feel that a particular product or service of your company is receiving frequent questions or conversation, then you can post a content related to it.

To maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing one will have to respond to the comments or any response from the audience to make the followers or customers feel valued and seen.

#4 Web Design

The website’s appearance must have a positive impact on potential customers. The first impression of the customers will be on the website’s design. Simplified and well-structured web design will have better customer retaining capability. If a website takes forever to load, then your visitors are going to click the back button even before reaching the homepage of the website.

The website should have a proper custom design which will reflect the brand’s story and have contact information. The website must be responsive, easy to navigate, clean, and has individual pages which will help in tracking the conversion for monitoring the performance.

#5 Content Marketing

We all know that content is the king, and hence one must create the content properly before sharing it on different platforms online. Content may be in forms of a blog post, photos, videos, social media post etc. Content marketing will help in generating three times more leads in comparison to traditional marketing. It will help in lead generation, brand awareness, traffic growth, build brand reputation, get more customers etc.

Content marketing is performed implicitly for grabbing the customer’s attention without performing business promotion directly. Depth and quality are the two main aspects of content creation. Contents are designed by centering the keywords that will target the searcher’s queries.

According to, regular posting of a shareable and relevant content on the blog can increase the chance of landing the website on the first search result page.

#6 Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. Here the audience will sign up for the emails in forms of the newsletter, which will show that they have an interest in the service or product that you are providing. This strategy will help to provide great leads, and you will be able to stay connected with the potential customer even after their purchase. It helps to inform the customers about the newly launched services or products that you are offering, which might interest them.

Depending on the subscriber’s interest and need, one can use segmentation and personalize the email so that the email will deliver the content which will be relatable. Email marketing also promotes word of mouth marketing, where the customers will also influence the buying decision of new audiences.

#7 Analytics

Marketing Analytics is an essential tool of digital marketing strategy. To generate more revenue and leads, monitor several metrics related to the campaign. Cost per lead and conversion rates can be improved by monitoring the key performance indicators.

If one can monitor analytics accurately, then it will increase the profitability and reduce the marketing cost. It will help in measuring the efficiency and performance of a website.

There are other digital marketing components like online PR, affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation, webinars etc.

#8 B2B Marketing

The main concept of business to business (B2B) marketing is focused on the efforts to increase leads. B2B marketing is especially useful if your business is offering Software as a Service (SaaS) or any digital products and services.

You need to have an effective SaaS marketing plan to be successful in attaining your business goals. A crucial aspect to consider when it comes to marketing products and services, like SaaS, in businesses is B2B marketing.

Check out these top B2B strategies:

  • Creating a Journey-based Digital Experience: B2B is somehow similar to business to customer (B2C), guiding your target audience across all stages of the buyer’s journey. By doing so, you’ll keep them as loyal, lifelong customers.

See your customers as human beings who are living within the digital world as “consumers,” too. Think like a customer and you’ll realize the importance of having user-friendly website navigation and mobile responsiveness. These website design aspects aren’t just for B2C but also for B2B purposes.

  • Generate Demand and Leads: Demand generation involves identifying the problem, exploring solutions, and building requirements. Lead generation tactics involve selecting suppliers, validation, and creating consensus.

With retention and recovery, these factors bring customers back to the start of the buyer’s journey by identifying new problems and exploring new solutions.

  • Combination of Digital Marketing Strategies: An effective B2B strategy should include a combination of the following: a great website, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), remarketing, affiliates and partnerships, and email marketing.
  • Increase Awareness Through Content Marketing: At the top of the sales funnel for B2B, creating awareness is critical, which can be accomplished with content marketing. Make sure to include relevant blog posts, social media posts, infographics, e-books, and other valuable resources, such as tips, checklists, and comprehensive guides.


These are the most important digital marketing components which are implemented to amplify the growth of a brand. Some of them require patience, and it won’t provide overnight success, but the results will be worth your time and money.

Digital marketing is gaining immense popularity; hence the competition is stiff. Proper implementation of these components can provide fruitful results.

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