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whatsapp-plus-updatedDon’t you feel the stock WhatsApp is boring? Yes, it has come up with a new 24-hour story feature (an obvious copy of Snapchat) and swipe left for camera feature too. However, WhatsApp has started to lose its charm over the years. It was one of the simplest and neatest

Android apps out there and worked like a breeze. Didn’t we love to check when other people were online and when they were seen last using the app? Yes. Those were the days when blue ticks were not making your life hell and groups had still not started to annoy you. You can search here for more about GBWhatsapp APk Download Latest Version.

Do you want to bring the good old days back? Aren’t you tired that WhatsApp is relentlessly copying features from other apps and losing its old-world sheen? Don’t you think that there should be a way it controls your activities on the app instead of just following the limited functionalities of your WhatsApp stock app?

Well, there is a way. Over 100 million users have woken up to this possibility already and now it is your turn to realize that there is a WhatsApp mod that can make your life better. All you will have to do is find the Whatsapp Plus APK and download it on your phone.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the stock WhatsApp platform. It provides you the ease and simplicity of the original app and gives you back some old features of the same. You will also get a host of new features for the app which makes it even more useful for everyone.

The APK is so popular that it is now available on numerous sites. However, you should be careful before downloading. There are some links that make you download sketchy apps for your phone, creating problems in them and even propagating viruses.

These fake apps can even steal your personal information. Therefore, you should be very careful while installing APKs. Opt only for reliable links. If you haven’t been on a website before and it appears shady to you, it would be better to close it immediately.

The WhatsApp Plus APK does not work with the stock Android WhatsApp working on your device. Therefore, you will have to back up your WhatsApp and delete the original app before you install this one. Otherwise, this could cause clashes between the apps and your phone may start to malfunction.

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If you want to run two different WhatsApp platforms on your phone, you should be using the GBWhatsApp APK. However, if you want just one version of WhatsApp running on your phone with all the latest and the coolest features, then this is the app for you.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK?

Downloading and installing the app on your phone is very easy. Your app will be downloaded and installed on your phone in less than 5 minutes. Here is what you have to do.

First, backup your chats and data of the original WhatsApp platform on your phone. If you want to start afresh, you could do that as well. If you have automatic data backup for WhatsApp on and you don’t manually back up data, your phone will pick up old chats from a previous time. If you would like to start with a clean slate, you will be better off clearing off the data from the application manager. Just go to settings, click on application manager, and then find WhatsApp from the list. Now click on clear data. You should remove the original WhatsApp from your phone as well.

Go to a trustworthy website and download the WhatsApp Plus APK from there. It is a small app and will only use 39.3 MB space on your phone. It works on all Androids version 4.0 and above. Therefore, most phones will be able to use this app with ease.

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Go to your phone’s settings and look for security settings. There, toggle the button for ‘unknown sources’. When you turn it green, it allows apps not downloaded directly from the Google Play Store to be installed on your device.

After this, simply search for the WhatsApp Plus APK file from your phone. You will find this in the download manager or in the files section. Click on the file and it will run an installation. It may or may not ask for a few permissions. Allow everything and it will install within seconds. Also, you might check the article Towelroot Apk Download for Android devices Latest versions on TechSush.

Open the application.

It looks just like your stock WhatsApp platform. Click on Agree and continue.


You will be asked to feed your country code and phone number in the app.


An OTP will verify your phone number almost immediately.

After verification, you can decide whether you want to restore your previously backed up data or not. The app may ask you permission to check the Google account for any previous backups. If you want all your chats back, click on ‘give permission’. Otherwise, click ‘skip’.


You should now fill in your name (often done automatically) and use a profile picture. Your app is now ready to use.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus on iPhone and Windows phone?

The app is not yet available for iPhone and Windows phone. However, developers suggest that it is being developed for both platforms. For now, if you want to enjoy this app, you will need an Android phone only.

Whatsapp Plus for PC installation Steps


Your WhatsApp Plus app can work flawlessly on your PC as well. However, you have to download an Android emulator like Bluestack for this purpose. As the app is available as an APK, it is only suitable for use on mobile phones. However, with Android emulators, your APK will work with ease on a Windows PC as well.

The process for download and installing WhatsApp Plus for the PC is also simple. If you have Bluestack on your PC, simply go to a trusted website and download the WhatsApp plus APK. If not, then download Bluestack first and then download the APK.

Now, click on the APK file and run it after selecting a Bluestack tool. Your installation will complete with seconds. You only need to feed your phone number, verify it through an OTP and you are good to go. You can now use WhatsApp on your device easily without having to worry about staying online all the time.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

  • This modded version of WhatsApp comes with numerous features that you will love to use. Some of them are mentioned below.
  • Hide blue ticks- who doesn’t want to hide these blue ticks? Everyone hated the concept of blue ticks when they were first released on WhatsApp. If you don’t like them, they can be removed easily from your chats. Just click on the hide blue ticks button and it will be done in an instant.
  • Hide last seen- this is one of the oldest features of WhatsApp but has since become irrelevant. Still, people who have left their privacy settings open can see your last seen. If you want to hide from prying eyes, it will be wise to click on the hide last seen button.
  • Hide second tick- if a message has been delivered but hasn’t been read by someone, it shows two ticks to the sender. However, if a message hasn’t yet been delivered to someone, it shows only as a single tick. Do you want to stay away from annoying people and make them believe you haven’t used WhatsApp in ages? Simply click on the hide second tick button and your job is done.
  • Hide typing- some people find it awkward when ‘…. Is typing’ is displayed just below their names. You may want more privacy on your WhatsApp. Now, you can hide this feature of WhatsApp as well. Just click on the hide typing button and you are done.
  • Recall messages- accidentally sent someone something or believe that a message should not be sent to someone? Now recall it easily with the WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • Schedule messages- You can schedule messages in different chats. Just type in whatever you want and you could send that to someone at a pre-specified date. Now that is a cool way to never forget birthdays and anniversaries. Just write a cool message whenever you want and you it will get delivered only at the right time.
  • Customize your app- don’t like the way your WhatsApp looks? Pick one from the many customization and styling options available and make your app look like anything you want. Spread a holiday cheer, celebrate a birthday, or motivate yourself to go visit your favorite place, all with the help of these cool styling options.
  • Premium Themes- There are many premium themes available for download as well. Also, there are several font style changes, background style changes and even background color changes of the chat that look very interesting and highly customized as well.
  • Video calling- Video calling is better than the original WhatsApp with great quality of sound as well.
  • Group invites- don’t you just love it when you can send people invites to join a group on Facebook or any other social site and just provide them a link to join? Guess what, this can happen on your WhatsApp Plus as well. Simply make a group invite link and send it to people. They will join the group directly through these links.
  • Always online- you can show people that you are always online. Just click on the mod and you will not be shown offline, even when you are.
  • Monthly updates- the app comes with monthly updates so you never miss out on great features, bug fixes and security patches of the original WhatsApp.
  • Change icon- if you don’t like the boring green WhatsApp icon, then you can change it with the exciting new WhatsApp Plus icon as well.
  • Send anything- whether it is documents in pdf, doc, zip or APK files, you can send anything through this app. This is not all, you can share pictures, videos and Gifs as well. Media files as large as 50 MB can be sent in one go. This is a major upgrade over WhatsApp original app.
  • Status changes- hiding status from your contacts is rather easy. But did you know that you can create different status for individual contacts on the WhatsApp Plus app? You can even create longer text status which goes as long as 255 characters. Write whatever you are feeling without any problems. You even get the ability to directly copy someone else’s WhatsAppstatus.
  • This is not all; you can even get notified whenever a friend posts a status online. This way, you can keep in touch much easily. Also, you can send an image status or even a video status with this app. usually, the length of the video status is longer than that of the original WhatsApp.
  • Disable voice calls- don’t like voice calls on WhatsApp? Now you can disable them on your app with just one click.
  • Zero quality loss- if you have ever sent and received pictures via WhatsApp, you know that quality loss is a major issue in this app. Even the best of the photos can lose their quality while getting sent on WhatsApp. This is done in order to save space and also to send images quickly across devices. With this WhatsApp Plus APK, you can send HD quality images to your contacts without any quality loss.
  • Inbuilt lock- you don’t even need a third-party app for locking your WhatsApp. It comes with an in-built lock.
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These were some cool features which will make you install the WhatsApp Plus app on your phone asap. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free. Hence, you won’t have to spend a dime to get all these amazing features on your phone. Just one download and you will be enjoying everything you want in your WhatsApp platform and even get more control over your online activities. If you like the possibilities with this app, download it now and let us know what your experiences were.

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