Essential Technologies for Real Estate Professionals


We’ve seen it all!

Cars that drive themselves, smartphones that can track your heart rate, spaceships that can take you to the moon and back. Developing technologies have created ripples across a wide range of industries and the real estate industry is evolving with them.

Imagine a realtor who can just hover over a phone and get real-time updates on house prices and trends in no time. Or a home buyer who can get a life-like 3D virtual tour of a home at the comfort of his couch. Well, these technologies exist.

The whirlwind of new technologies being served up in the real estate space can get your head spinning. As a realtor, keeping up with the latest technology in real estate is critical to maintaining a successful career. Here are essential technology tools that everyone looking to succeed in real estate should embrace.

1. Periscope (For Lead Generation)

Periscope is an awesome app for real estate agents looking to generate leads. This live video streaming app for Android and iOS combines the video streaming capabilities of YouTube with the live engagement prowess of Twitter.

By leveraging the power of both platforms, Periscope creates an interactive online environment that allows realtors to engage with their audience no matter where they are.

Successful agents use Periscope to create video tours, show particular highlights of the neighborhood, and bring certain aspects of the house to light—picture those under the cabinet details that photos cannot reveal. You can use it to engage more with your clients and market your listings.

2. Paperless Pipeline (For Transaction Management)

Navigating the choppy waters of a real estate transaction can be a nightmare to realtors and brokers. On a typical day, a broker or a sales agent may be required to complete escrow paperwork, schedule repairs and inspections, check every document for completion, perform administrative tasks, etc.

To stay organized, successful brokers use Paperless Pipeline—a robust transaction management software, to manage real estate transactions. With Paperless Pipeline, you can create automated checklists, appointments, reminders, etc. You can even set up checklists for each agent complete with all the documents they will need to conduct a smooth transaction.

3. CRM (For Sales & Contact Management)

Managing and organizing all your contacts and marketing activities can be hard. However, with CRM software, the process becomes a breeze.

A CRM system will not just help you manage contacts; it will also help to keep track of their interactions with your business.

The best CRM software will also track and store behavioral data, such as when a customer visits your website, subscribes to your newsletter, clicks a link on your website, etc. This info helps marketers to devise impactful marketing strategies that are based on behavioral data.

4. DocuSign (For Electronic Signatures)

In today’s digital age, clients expect you to have a means for electronic signing, which helps to relieve them of the need to keep track of physical documents.

DocuSign is a great place to start. It provides the security, mobility, and reliability you need to digitally transform your business with cloud e-signature solutions. As a realtor, an e-signature solution, like DocuSign, will enable you to send contracts, listing agreements, and escrow amendments to your clients, and they can digitally sign the documents on any device, anytime.

What other tech tools do you use to manage your real estate transactions? Share with us in the comments section below.

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